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Enjoying the limitless digital possibilities. Jump on the rocket to enjoy the digital space journey with us.

Who are we?

We are a constantly growing team of digital enthusiasts, developing our own project, having fun, and helping others on their online space journeys. Started in the Czech Republic, we have spread out and now operate in many countries, with team members across four continents. Even though we’re not a big organization, freedom and flexibility have always been in our DNA.

Our mission

The online space is truly limitless, especially during this period of exponential growth. We have always aimed to make the online space journey more enjoyable for our customers, guiding them and allowing them to benefit from the experience we have gathered over the years. We achieve this by working on our own projects.

At Globalduck

We connect! Whether it’s between projects, technologies, or team members. We believe in creating a strong collaborative environment where ideas and expertise are shared, helping us achieve greater success together.

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Globalduck helps navigate the endless online space, unlocking its full potential for you

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Our projects

We’re all about the online world. Our projects are fueled by our passion for everything digital, right from the start. This shared excitement runs through everything we do.

Our team includes experts in marketing, design, and development, as well as a broad network of external collaborators. We believe in sharing our people across projects, making sure everyone has fun and gets to shine.

These projects are where our team shines brightest, delivering awesome results that go above and beyond for our customers.

Marketing and development agency

At Outgrow, it’s always been about helping companies grow and leverage their full online potential. We achieve this with our in-house team, assisting businesses with marketing and developing results-driven websites. Most of our clients are based in North America and Europe. Our list of clients is continuously growing, enabling us to optimize our offerings and provide increasingly better services.

Creative Video Agency

We see great potential in videos; however, companies often struggle to use them efficiently as part of their marketing strategy. By combining creativity with an approach rooted in human behavior, we create great videos. But this is just the beginning. We then implement, test, and leverage these videos to their full potential.

Online Solutions For Dentists

Digitaldent is a local project aimed at helping dentists improve their online presence. By managing their online activities, we allow dentists to focus more on their work, ultimately enhancing the customer experience. Currently, Digitaldent is a minor project, but we have made significant progress and are waiting for the right time to scale the model.

How we leverage global context

At the heart of what we do lies freedom – freedom in who we collaborate with, where we work from, and how we innovate on our projects. While our official base is in the Czech Republic, our team and partners span across many countries, embracing diverse cultures, time zones, and roles within our team. We’re passionate about creating opportunities globally.

This global context allows us to approach our customers with a broad overview and different perspectives, bringing unorthodox ideas and insights into every project.

Over the years, we have learned a lot about handling multinational collaboration. To be frank, there are various challenges, such as different time zones, developing company culture, different approaches to communication and clients, and more. But this is what we enjoy—navigating these challenges and making the most of them.

Read more about how our team sees this journey.

“From a local banker to a WebDev project manager, who would have thought I’d venture into this industry? Globalduck uncovered my skills, gave me a chance to grow, and challenged me to reach my potential. Working with Globalduck has been an unmatched, incredible experience.”

Donna C.

Project Manager, Philippines

“Globalduck helps to know about the behavior and culture of the company from many countries, especially in Europe. I learned more from a lot of different projects from various industries, and also my teammates always helped me to improve my own skills. He successfully met my expectations when I was looking for a good remote culture company. Amazing!”

Rifki A.

Web Designer, Indonesia

“Working with Globalduck has been an incredible experience. Their innovative solutions and dedicated support have significantly enhanced my productivity. I highly recommend Globalduck to anyone looking to elevate their online business operations.”

Elizabeth I.

Social Media Manager, Nigeria

“Working in Globalduck is always fun. With every new task I learn something new and having to adjust to every client’s needs keeps the work interesting. With various automation I’m responsible for, we managed to achieve quite impressive things, saving companies a lot of time and resources every day.”

Daniel S.

Automation Manager, Czech Republic

“I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity provided by Outgrow. Not only do I get to engage in meaningful work, but I also have the chance to learn new skills and connect with exceptional people. This experience has been both professionally and personally enriching, and I’m excited about the future here.”

Sario A.

Web Developer, Montenegro

“We started several projects, all in the digital space and Globalduck became a parent name for all our initiatives, helping us define organizational culture. It explains the roots of our collaborative approach to projects, challenges, digital opportunities, and growth. Can’t wait to see what adventure the future brings.”

Ondrej V.

Founder, Czech Republic

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Since we are open to operate globally, our agencies are 100% remote! Imagine the freedom of working from the comfort of your home. We constantly promote a better work-life balance, independence, and flexibility. Plus, you’ll save on commuting costs, leaving you with more savings and less stress.

Think you’ve got what it takes? We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals. Share your best skills with us, and let’s see how we can collaborate. Message us today, and let’s connect your talents with our opportunities!

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