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Choosing the right university
It is important to choose the right university, so we have made an overview of basic information about the main universities.
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Choose the right university

Choosing the right school is very important, so leave nothing to chance and read the most important information about each individual university – what are their advantages, why should you study them, and what you will learn. We will also talk about all their faculties, we will show a clear table study programmes and requirements for admission. You don’t even have to worry about accommodation, because we will describe all the dormitories of each individual university, as well as the their campuses.

A public university focusing on chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, nanotechnology and ecology. The University of Chemistry and Technology (UCT) is one of the largest chemical universities in Central Europe and is also one of the oldest in its specialization.

Currently, the university is the largest economics university in the Czech Republic and third largest university in Prague. The school consists of six faculties, where each faculty specializes in different fields of economics, such as accounting, public sector, financial management, financial analytics, statistics etc.

Czech University of Life Sciences (CULS or ČZU in Czech) is a public university which mainly focuses on agricultural education and fields related to this topic. The one and only exceptional campus is situated in Prague 6, more specifically in Suchdol district. The school consists of six faculties, where each faculty specializes in slightly different fields, for example tropical, forestry, and environmental education and protection.

Charles university is considered to be the most important university in the Czech Republic and ranks among one of the oldest universities in Europe (the university was founded in 1348). Like other major universities in the Czech Republic, this one also belongs in the public school category. In order to be successful and prestigious, the university pays special attention to research and international cooperation.

The university provides students with knowledge in all major technical fields, such as architecture, artificial intelligence, nuclear science, information technology and many more. Applicants can choose from almost two hundred degree programs including English programs.

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The best in Prague

Best clubs in Prague
Best clubs in Prague

Undoubtedly, every city has its own life, and real passionate and obvious manifestation arises, when sun is down – I am talking about a nightlife....

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Running places in Prague
The best running places in Prague

Nowadays, jogging belongs among one of the most popular activities which don’t require any equipment whatsoever. What’s more, jogging helps you clear your mind and...

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Top 5 cafés
Best cafés in Prague

There are many cafés in Prague, but which ones are the best? If you don’t want to go around and check every single one of...

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A photo of a panorama in Prague
Prague sights

There are countless of places in Prague, which are worth the visit, so it’s no wonder that endless streams of tourists from around the world are gathering in this beautiful capital city. It’s practically impossible to note down and describe every sightseeing place, therefore we have listed only the most famous and visited ones...

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Health care

It doesn‘t matter whether you are staying here only as a tourist or you are planning to stay here for a longer while, the Czech Republic is a very safe country. Nevertheless, there are times when a person is in need for a health care. In those cases, we will help you how to...

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A person holding a book and formulas floating around

How is the structure of Czech education? How does the whole process work? Which types of schools can we find here and how to prepare for exams? On these and many more questions you will find an answer in this article.  Why exactly so many students study in Czechia? Availability – The Czech Republic...

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A hotel room with a large bed and under dim lights

Finding an accommodation in Prague isn’t an easy task at all. Recently, there is a steady increase of rents, so you have to be prepared for that. We have prepared a comparison of every type of accommodation with its pros and cons. You will also find a links, redirecting you to websites for more specific details/services. At...

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a swimmer swimming during sunrise
Sports in Prague

Exercising is one of the most fundamental components, which is necessary for life. It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy running, lifting or playing basketball, in Prague everyone can find his hobby. We hope that after reading this article, you won’t have a problem finding your ideal sport, which would be thrilling while at the same...

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A person holding a cup of coffee and a tablet
Online shopping

You don’t want to be cramped in stores or are you busy? Shopping can be a piece of cake, especially if you are doing it from your home via a computer or a mobile phone. Online shopping is easy therefore everyone can do it. With many pros, there are also many cons, so to make things clearer, let’s...

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Grilled salmon with vegetables
Food in Prague

There is a saying “Food connects nations”. Surely, it holds some truth in it. There is a certain number of Czech meals that you can’t miss when staying in Prague. If you intend on staying in Prague for a longer period of time, you will probably not visit a local restaurant every single day, but rather make your...

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notebooks on table with people cooperating together
Finding a job

If you are in Prague as a student, you may be in need for some sort of income. After finishing your studies, you will need a job and it’s only up to you whether you want to be employed or you’d rather be a freelancer. Currently, there is a larger demand for workforce than the market is able...

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a woman telephoning and holding a coffee in a hand
Internet and phone

Mobile network operators In Czech Republic, there are only three mobile network companies- 02, T-Mobile and Vodafone. They have been on the market for quite some time and their prices have always correlated with each other. This all changed with the arrival of new technologies, which were further developed by the companies. Nowadays, there...

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Prague trams, old one and a new one
Means of transportation

The infrastructure of transportation in Prague, the center of the Czech Republic, is very advanced. Whether it’s a public transport or passenger transport, there are many options, which you could choose from. Compared to other European countries, some of those transport methods are rather cheap. In this section we will take a closer look...

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