Our end goal is to create a genuine global community, where your race, gender, religion or nationality doesn’t matter. Join us on this exceptional journey of your lifetime.

Our vision

Don’t be on your own

What if someone asked, “What is Globalduck?”. The answer that should pop up in everyone’s mind is a community without any prejudices which is filled with warmth. However, it should not be only that, the community should also help you strive, talk about your passions, and even encourage you to do things you otherwise wouldn’t do.

Apart from a great community, we also want to be with you from the beginning, more specifically, from your arrival to Prague. We wish to lend you a helping hand, so that you will easily get used to living in Prague and enjoy your stay to your utmost. We sincerely wish, that once you get older and reminiscence back on your younger days, you will be genuinely happy that you met us, Globalduck.

How it all began

We wished to help everyone

As most projects started, Globalduck also began with a simple dream – to help environment and contribute to the society. However, this abstract thought was not easy to grasp and to realize, because there are lots of ways people can contribute to society, so how did we even come up with this idea?

At the beginning, the project should have only included Prague guide, which was meant to be thoroughly complex and comprehensive, while at the same time brief. However, as days and weeks and eventually months passed, we started to add more and more diverse content simply because we thought it would help others. And before we knew it, we have gotten ourselves a project which doesn’t have any upper ceilings and can be endlessly updated and shaped, so that we will create a better environment for all of us.

It will be one hell of a ride

Take part in this unique adventure

Globalduck should be connected with the community, and the most essential part of the community are people. People from all around the globe and regardless of their gender, nationalities or beliefs.

Globalduck will make everyone feel like they belong somewhere and that they are never alone, even when they are far from their home. This is what we genuinely strive for, and this is also something that will greatly contribute to society. So, what do you think? Do you feel like becoming a part of something greater?

We look forward to you

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We are counting on you!  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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