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Who we are looking for
Everyone who wants to create something

We work every day in developing our project in order to create a better environment for all of us. We have many future plans and you can be a part of it, not as a reader or a visitor of our website, but also as a creator. Thanks to the diversity of the project, we are open to all ideas, so it’s only up to you how you wish to help us.

Do you enjoy writing interesting articles? Our content is mostly related to Prague and the Czech Republic however we also release various contents for students. We can talk about writing style, form etc. We will try to compromise with you.
We are organizing various types of events, whose main aim is to help students and foreigners get used to living in Prague and enjoy their stay here. Do you enjoy being with people, organize events and have fun? If yes, don’t hesitate and contact us.
Is taking photos an inseparable part of your life? Do you like to create interesting collages or engaging videos? With us you can freely “express” yourself.

Do you like design and creation of graphics as such? Do you want to improve in infographics or even in the creation of new subpages?

We create content in English, Czech and Russian. Why not mastering your language skills with translations? Contact us and we can tell you more about it.

Is there anything you are good at and you wish to help us with it? Fantasy doesn’t have limits. We will try to meet every request. Be sure to contact us, thank you 🙂

What can we offer

A great team

We enjoy building Globalduck and so we wish for the same for you, that’s why team members will help you. You can also make make various trips and spend time with us

We will teach you making website

How does creating websites look like? If you are interested, we will teach you everything and show you various systems and programmes, which we are using.

All our events are for free

All events which we organize will be for free for you. You can also reap the benefits connected with it. And that’s worth it.

A place for realising ideas

Do you have an interesting idea regarding Prague, students and people in general? We will gladly help you realising these ideas. Fantasy knows no limits and we are open to new ideas.

You will find out valuable info

When it comes to studying and personal development, we will support you. You will gain access to interesting study materials and we can also send you on a course.

We are always available

You can always contact us and we will help you. You don’t have to be afraid that you will struggle alone with something. There will always be someone to help you with everything.

" We are trying to create the best environment for all of us. I will be very glad if you join us. I will make sure that all of you will be happy being with us. "
Ondřej Vosecký

We look forward to you

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We are counting on you!  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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