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How does the area of the Charles University look like? We will show you how to find the right area, your school and how to get there.
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Where to live while studying? Dormitory is still one of the best accommodation options, but how to choose the right one? Read more!
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It's important to choose the right faculty, so we looked under the cover every faculty of the Charles University and we will tell you more about them. You will also have a clear table with study programmes at your disposal.
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Charles university is considered to be the most important university in the Czech Republic and ranks among one of the oldest universities in Europe (the university was founded in 1348). Like other major universities in the Czech Republic, this one also belongs in the public school category. In order to be successful and prestigious, the university pays special attention to research and international cooperation.

The university consists of 17 faculties (three are located outside Prague), where each of them focuses in different fields of studies, therefore it’s impossible to characterize the university’s specialization with a single word or attribute. Students can choose from a considerably vast range of fields of education, such as theology, medicine, social studies, mathematics and physics or even physical education.

Due to the large number of faculties and study programmes, which all have different criteria and requirements, it’s difficult to precisely describe the process. Generally speaking, candidates have to fill in an application form and pay a one-time fee. Next, applicants need to fulfill the criteria, which each faculty and study program requires, for example entrance examination, end-year school reports, SCIO exams or rarely even interviews. If applicants meet the requirements, then they need to register, and from then on, they become the students of the university. It’s recommended to start checking the news about the admission process around October.

What will you learn here?

Because of its sheer size and long tradition, the university consists of over a dozen faculties, which all specialize in completely different fields and sectors, therefore it’s difficult to briefly name all expertises. Nonetheless, if we had to name all fields of specializations and make it as generally as possible, then it would be – medicine, law, theology, social sciences, science, pedagogy, and sports (with physical education). Sounds more like multiple universities together, not a single one. Well, let’s try to describe more about them.

First is medicine. There are several faculties for it and all of them are rather difficult to get in, and even harder to study there. On the other hand, they are quite well respected, so if you are seriously considering medicine, then you may as well give it a try. Equally difficult is law, which is also very prestigious but difficult. Of course, if you love studying law and are willing to spend lots of time on it, then this is just for you. Polar opposite of these rational sciences is theology, which is more on the spiritual side. There are three faculties specializing in different fields, namely the Catholic Faculty, Protestant Faculty, and Hussite Faculty.

If you are an enthusiast in social aspects of people, like economy, philosophy, political science, or sociology, then consider the faculty of social sciences or the faculty of philosophy. In the science section, there is a faculty named Mathematics and Physics Faculty (also called “MatFyz” by Czech people), which strikes fear and respect at the same time, mainly because of its widely known difficulty. Of course, if you graduate from it, you will be considered as a great mathematician or physicist. Other than MatFyz, there is also the faculty of Science, which focuses on different fields of biology and chemistry, but also geography or geology, therefore if you were unable to choose from the mathematics or physics programmes, you can take a look at this faculty. If you want to one day teach others, then take a look at pedagogy. The faculty offers so many types of programmes and studies that you will definitely find something that you want to study (and later teach others). And last but not least, the faculty focusing on sports will not only help you get better at sports, but also teach you physical education, so you will get a deep understanding of your own body and use it to your advantage in sports.

Dormitories and school canteens

The university owns over a dozen dormitories which are situated all over Prague, therefore applicants have many options to choose from. Among the largest dormitories belong dormitory Hvěžda, 17. Listopadu, and Na Větrníku. Nonetheless, don’t choose the dorm depending on the size. The best way of choosing the dorm is generally by picking the one which is in your price range and is the closest to the building where you will study. Most of them have their own canteen and all of them provide residents with numerous facilities.

As for canteens, they account for even more than dormitories which means that students don’t need to worry about their shortage. Nearly all school grounds and dormitories have one canteen in the vicinity, sometimes even several canteens, thus it’s only a matter of finding one in the vicinity, which is great news for you. Also keep in mind that the prices in each school canteen may vary, so if you are tight on budget, select the one which is cheaper.

Why to study at Charles University?

If you have lived in the Czech Republic for some time, you might have already heard other students (or people in general) talk respectively about this university. That’s because a great emperor Charles IV. established this university in order to bring quality education to the Czech nations. The university tries to maintain these high standards, which means that if you graduate from this university, your degree will hold a lot of value.

Another benefit of Charles University is its internationality. Thanks to its reputation, many foreign students, mainly from European countries, but also from distant countries, gather here. This phenomenon even occurs in other universities, however at Charles University, the phenomenon is intensified by the large variety of study programmes. Some of them are more difficult to study and the competition (during the entrance exams) is fierce. However, this is a good thing, because if you manage to pass the exams, you will find yourself among real enthusiasts.

List of Prague universities
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Czech Technical University
Design a new city, create beautiful buildings and program intelligent machines. We need you for a better future! Create a better environment with technology.
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Charles University
Over 650 years prove its uniqueness, why not be a part of it? Nearly anything can be studied here. Have many opportunities at the largest university in Czechia.
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Czech University of Life Sciences
How to behave in an environmentally friendly way, how to work with natural resources, and how to use technologies in agriculture? Study a school with many expertises.
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University of Chemistry and Technology
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Globalduck community
Are you entering freshman year and looking for friends, or are you already a student, but you want to experience something else and meet new faces? We regularly organize various events for everyone.

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