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How does the area of the Czech Technical University look like? We will show you how to find it, what are its advantages and why is Dejvice area a great place to study.
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Where to live while studying? Dormitory is still one of the best accommodation options, but how to choose the right one? Read more!
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It's important to choose the right faculty, so we looked under the cover of every CTU faculty and we will tell you more about them. You will also have a clear table with study programmes at your disposal.
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Czech Technical University (CTU or ČVUT in Czech) is a public university which ranks among one of the oldest and largest technical universities in Europe. Currently the university consists of eight faculties, where the oldest one was founded in 1707 while the youngest one in 2009. The university provides students with knowledge in all major technical fields, such as architecture, artificial intelligence, nuclear science, information technology and many more. Applicants can choose from almost two hundred degree programs including English programs.

When it comes to admissions, unfortunately, we can’t precisely define the essentials for the admission because every faculty slightly differs in terms of requirements. Most faculties require applicants to pass the entrance exam in written form. Certain faculties also require an additional talent exam. If a candidate has great end-year school reports, then we recommend visiting the websites of each individual faculty for more information because it’s possible for applicants to fulfill the requirements without an entrance examination.

The university offers bachelor programmes (usually for 3 years), master programmes (standard length 1 year and half, 2, or 3 years), and doctoral programmes (for 3 or 4 years). The main aim of bachelor program is to provide students with essential knowledge in order to continue into further linked study programmes or to be ready to work in a specialized workplace. Master programmes try to deepen the knowledge and experience from bachelor programmes. As for doctoral programmes, its main goal is to prepare students for their scientific career or a highly qualified work.

What will you learn here?

If we had to describe it in a single sentence, then it would be something like “Almost everything that comes into your mind regarding technical fields”. This statement basically sums it up pretty nicely, however, as the word “technical fields” is very vast, then that’s not enough now is it? Have you ever been amazed by those domineering and colossal constructions and wondered how they worked or how to effectively build them? Then the faculty of Civil Engineering is probably ideal for you. You will not only learn how to efficiently build these monumental buildings, but also regular buildings and houses, so that they could last for a long time. Why watch and admire from the sidelines when you can make the plans yourself! Hand in hand with the Faculty of Civil Engineering goes the Faculty of Architecture, which designs various constructions. While the former one is focusing more on technical aspects, the other one specializes more on outward appearance. Nonetheless, you still have to have some basic knowledge of the former. 

Maybe this is not something for you, as you rather prefer machinery or transport technology? Then faculty of Mechanical Engineering or Transportation Sciences should be your choice. At the faculty of Mechanical Engineering, you will learn how machineries work and delve into the secrets behind making them more efficient. In your first year you will study the theoretical basis of mechanical engineering. Then you can choose which field you wish to focus on, for example, machine-building or production by using machinery, or you can continue studying the theoretical basics. Sounds interesting right? As for the faculty of Transportation Sciences, you will understand how various transport technologies and vehicles work, what is intelligent transportation and transportation systems. But not only that, the faculty also offers study programmes regarding aviation, such as professional pilot or airplane maintenance. These topics are no less interesting than machinery engineering!

The above ones could be considered to be the “typical” faculties when someone mentions technical fields. But what if you heard of faculty of Electrical Engineering or faculty of Nuclear Science and Physical Engineering? They might seem out of place, however they are very attractive. The first one is ideal for everyone who admires electricity and robotics while the other one is all about small nuclear particles and their phenomenon. These two faculties also mix up chemistry with it a bit, so enthusiasts in chemistry are surely glad to hear that, right? Then there is the youngest faculty of Information Technology. The name says it all. All IT enthusiasts are sure to gather here! It’s basically a heaven for all of you! You will learn programming, web and software engineering, as well as computer engineering. Now, don’t you also think it’s a great place for you?

Dormitories and school canteens

The university provides students with eight dormitories at their disposal. Majority of dormitories (for example Dejvická, Sinkuleho and Masarykova dormitory) are located directly in or nearby Dejvice campus and the rest (Hlávkova, Podolí dormitory) are situated in the center of Prague. The fact that most of them are located nearby each other is great, because now you can only focus on parameters of each dormitory, like price, comfortability, equipment and so on and not on the location. These information are quite well summed up in our section about CTU dormitories.

As for the school canteens, university offers 10 school canteens which are situated all over Prague. Generally speaking, each dormitory has its own school canteen and the campus Dejvice has “Student house” (Studentský dům) which consists of five dining halls, and “Technical canteen” (Technická menza) which is a second school canteen in Dejvice campus. With so many school canteens around each facility, you don’t have to worry about your empty stomach. All you need to do is choose the best one for you.

Why to study CTU?

Among all universities focusing on technical spheres in Czechia, the Czech Technical University is, without a doubt, the most famous one. But what is it famous for. Firstly, the large university with its long history offers lots and lots of subjects and specializations in different technical fields. This means that if you are even slightly interested in taking this path, then chances you find your dream study programme are not low.

Secondly, not only does the university provide lots of study programmes, but they are all very high quality. People always argue whether it’s better “quality over quantity” or vice versa. Here you can have both! As for the last reason, the study programmes offer a great combination of theory and practice while still letting you have some “student life”. But what do we mean by great combination? You can study theory at school while working in the company. The school encourages this method of gaining experience, therefore, they offer various internships. Sometimes, it might even be mandatory to participate in an internship. So what do you think? Are you interested?

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