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Discover beautiful places of the Czech Republic, both cultural or natural wise. We will take a look at castles and chateaux, interesting cities and national parks.
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Czechia in a nutshell
What basic things should you know about the Czech Republic? We will briefly talk about the history of Czech lands, local nature, big cities, and about holidays.
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Czechia in a nutshell

A ship sailing and Charles bridge in the background
Large cities

In the Czech Republic, there are many mesmerizing cities which should be visited. We won’t surely be able to write about all of them, therefore we will focus on the largest ones population wise. In each city, we will point out the most important information, which you should know. You will also be able...

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Christmas bells and coniferous tree branches

Czechia has a rich history and that caused many national holidays to be born. There are also many traditions, which are not officially written anywhere, nevertheless, Czech people still uphold these traditions. Now, we will talk about everything, so sit back, relax and let’s begin. The day of recovery of the independence of Czech state...

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The Czech Republic is influenced by the temperate zone, thus there are four seasons, which can be easily discerned and each of them have its characteristics. In Czechia you will find mountains, which most of the time create natural borders, rivers, meadows and forests. We will talk about everything, so you can get to...

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A small statue on a railing

The territory of today’s Czech Republic underwent many historically interesting developments and it took a very long time for Czechia to get the nowadays form. First people have already lived in Czech territory approximately 1-2 million B.C., most historical discoveries were found in today’s Moravia. In this area resided Celts, then Germanics tribes, later replaced...

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A drawn flag of Czech Republic on a wall
Basic information

The Czech Republic is located at central Europe, where it has borders with 4 different countries. Czechia shares the border with Germany the most. In north lies Poland, south belongs to Austria and the shortest shared border is with Slovakia. The state area is 78 867 km2, so it’s considered to be a rather small country,...

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Where to go on a trip in Czechia

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