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How does the area of the Czech University of life Sciences look like? We will show you how to find it, what are its advantages and why is Suchodol area a great place to study.
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Where to live while studying? Dormitory is still one of the best accommodation options, but how to choose the right one? Read more!
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It's important to choose the right faculty, so we looked under the cover of every ČZU faculty and we will tell you more about them. You will also have a clear table with study programmes at your disposal.
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Czech University of Life Sciences (CZU or ČZU in Czech) is a public university which mainly focuses on agricultural education and fields related to this topic. The one and only exceptional campus is situated in Prague 6, more specifically in Suchdol district. The school consists of six faculties, where each faculty specializes in slightly different fields, for example tropical, forestry, and environmental education and protection.

When it comes to admissions, unfortunately there aren’t any united requirements because in these terms, every faculty and even study programmes slightly differ. Some procedures require entrance examination, others require interviews and it’s also even possible to get admitted without entrance exams. You can find more information about each admission process on our websites.

The university offers numerous bachelor (for 3 years), master (for 2 years) and doctoral (for 3-4 years) study programmes. During bachelor programmes students gain essential knowledge in their respective field. Unlike bachelor programmes, master studies allow students more freedom in choosing their subjects. As for doctoral studies, their main goal is to teach students to be able to independently conduct research in their field.

What will you learn here?

When you first read the name of the university, it may sound slightly confusing, right? What do they mean by “life sciences”? Well, the answer is actually rather simple – agriculture. But don’t think that at the university you will learn how to work on fields by yourself. No. This is modern agriculture complemented by newest technology and science, this is what you will study.

As mentioned in the introduction, the university consists of 6 faculties. All of them are focusing on agriculture and environment in general, except for one – the faculty of economics and management, so let’s start with this one. This faculty is ideal for everyone who wants to learn more about entrepreneurship, gain practice by working on projects, learn basics in administration and IT, and improve social abilities. Well, you can still use this knowledge to work in agricultural companies, so it’s not completely off topic, right? If this is not for you, but you prefer studies regarding the environment, then consider the faculty of agrobiology or the faculty of environmental sciences. The former focuses on studies, such as gardening or natural resources, while the latter specializes in ecology, geographic systems (using technology to try to solve global environmental issues), and environmental protection of all kinds (water protection, landscapes protection etc.).

Then what about the remaining 3 faculties? The faculty of forestry and wood sciences speaks for itself. Everyone who is interested in wood production, wood protection, or even managing forests (growing trees and watching over the ecosystem there), then that faculty equals paradise for you. If you want to study something more exotic, then what about the faculty of tropical Agrisciences? There you will focus on tropical crop production, animal husbandry, and even natural resources protection, everything regarding tropical agriculture. Sounds interesting, right? And last, but not least, every modern agriculture needs to be supported by technologies. That’s what the faculty of engineering mainly focuses on. There you will learn everything regarding agriculture machinery, how they work, how to maintain them, how to operate them and so on. Aside from that, you can also study about waste treatment or road transport.

Dormitories and school canteens

Like all of their faculties, even all four dormitories are located at the campus in Prague 6. They are strangely named; A, BCD, EFG, and JIH. But don’t mind the names, they have one great advantage and that’s the fact that all of them are a couple of minutes away from the university buildings. This will save you lots of time, as you won’t have to travel far just to get to the university. You can find more information about each individual dormitory in our section dedicated to dormitories.

In the campus is situated only a single school canteen, however students can find several buffets, restaurants and cafés in the area. The dining halls are open at lunch and dinner hours. In addition, the canteen is located directly in the middle of the campus which makes it convenient for both the students and employees. And if you combine it with the fact that the dormitories are also close to the university, you will get a dream campus with everything you’d ever need.

Why to study ČZU?

When students think about applying to this university, many minor reasons come across their minds, for example; the university is set in a great environment with all dormitories being very close to the university, thus creating a great campus area for students, or that the university is located in the outer part of Prague, making it more peaceful. However, there are two main reasons why students decide to attend this school – unique subjects without being overly difficult, and “students life”.

What we mean by the first reason? It’s simple, there aren’t many universities which offer this kind of education and specialization in agriculture in Czechia. What’s more, the study programmes are interesting and don’t overload you with endless streams of information, which makes studying more fun. But that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be a piece of cake. No. It only makes it easier. Otherwise that degree wouldn’t hold much value in the eyes of others, which it does.

As for the student’s life, probably everyone has once thought about an exciting college life with lots of friends and fun. Well, at this university, you are most likely to experience that. Why? Because all dorms, which are filled with students, are next to each other, so parties and other events are bound to happen. What’s more, there are numerous student associations and clubs, like sport clubs, cheerleading clubs, etc. which you can join and make new friends there. If you combine it with not-so-difficult subjects, then you will possibly acquire a great student’s life. This reason is enough for many students to choose this university. And what about you? Have you decided yet?

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