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Situated in a Northwest part of Prague, the one and only campus of Czech University of Life Sciences (CZU or ČZU in Czech) consists of numerous buildings with all faculties, one large school canteen, and four dormitories. Depending on the faculty, the buildings also have different colors, for example, faculty of economics have red buildings, faculty of agrobiology have yellow ones and so on. At the center, students can find a large modern 7-storey building where the management resides, and a couple of meters away is a huge dining hall with a restaurant. All four dormitories are nearby each other and can be found on the edge of the campus. Parking lots for students can be found on many places throughout the campus, of course, they are also nearby all dormitories. Approximately five minutes away is a bus stop “zemědělská univerzita”, which will take you to the metro station. The whole campus is filled with countless colorful flowers and exotic trees, and in combination with well-maintained streets and roads, students will feel overwhelmed by the exceptional eco friendly environment and atmosphere.  

Tel: +420 224 381 111

List of Prague universities
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Czech University of Life Sciences
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University of Chemistry and Technology
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Globalduck community
Are you entering freshman year and looking for friends, or are you already a student, but you want to experience something else and meet new faces? We regularly organize various events for everyone.

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