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The Czech University of Life Science (CULS) provides students with four dormitories, where all of them are located in CZU campus in Prague – Suchdol. All four dormitories are situated in Kamýcká street, which is several minutes away from the university on foot. In the surrounding area can be found a large school canteen and numerous buffets, various clubs, restaurants, convenience stores, and even a sports center.

List of ČZU dormitories

Dormitory A

Dormitory A has an interesting outer design, which is hardly describable. From one angle, the dorm looks completely orange and with no windows, and from the other angle, it has light blue color with terraces. Here, students can only find double rooms (58 in total) where two rooms share a shower, WC and a kitchen. Moreover, the rooms are equipped with a fridge and internet connection. The dormitory also provides students with a gym, laundry and drying room. A couple of meters away is a parking lot, which is reserved for dormitories.

Dormitory BCD

Unlike dormitory A, the dorm BCD consists of three connected buildings, making the complex rather long. The dorm boasts a capacity of nearly 1 000 beds. Because of the considerably large capacity, students can choose from double, triple and even quadruple rooms. All rooms are equipped with a fridge, microwave and an internet connection. Some types of accommodation have shared showers and WC between other residents on the same floor. The dormitory also provides residents with laundry and drying rooms. On the ground floor resides a part of the management of the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences.

Dormitory EFG

From the outside the EFG dormitory looks rather small. The capacity of the dormitory is 740 beds and offers single and double rooms. All rooms have their own shower and WC, and are equipped with a fridge, internet connection and a cooker. Residents have ping-pong, laundries and drying rooms at their disposition. In addition, reception is open 24/7. In front of the dorm students can find a small parking lot with benches.

Dormitory JIH

The JIH dormitory is a large blue building, which can be found directly opposite to the BCD dormitory. The dorm can accommodate over 400 students. Applicants are able to choose from double and triple rooms (the number of triple rooms is only in single digits). Two rooms share a kitchen, shower and WC. This dormitory also has rooms equipped with a fridge, internet connection and a cooker. Residents have laundries and drying rooms at their disposition. What’s more, the reception is open 24/7. Students can also find several benches in front of the dorm and relax there.

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