Asian Temple – a restaurant with overflowing Asian culture

Are you arguing with your partner where to go, because you can’t decide which cuisine to choose? Then choose Asian temple, a restaurant which will take you on a ride throughout the Asia!

The sheer variety of dishes in Asian temple will satisfy majority of people. Despite slightly favoring Japanese cuisine with their different types of sushi, you can also order dishes from numerous other cuisines, such as tikka masala, bami goreng, pad thai or even chicken kung pao. The restaurant also offers original daily menu, so you can have great lunch there.

The catchy interior with its sharp red colors, will instantly catch your eye, as it really gives off an exotic Asian vibe. If you look around, you will find numerous Buddhistic decorations, Chinese symbols, and flowers, which will bring you a sense of peace to your mind.

Asian temple is a great multi-cuisine restaurant with a very wonderful decoration, which you will rapidly enhance your experience here!

At first, from the outside, the restaurant didn’t look incredible at all, but once you step inside, a huge space will appear before you. The design will definitely shock you as it’s very outstanding. I can’t be regarded as an Asian cuisine lover, but this restaurant is a sole exception, which I keep revisiting. The vegetarian pad thai and sushi that I had was flawless.

Stanislav Plzák


Before you visit the restaurant, first take a look at the menu of Asian Temple.

Japanese cuisine, despite not being as popular as those other giants like Italian cuisine or French cuisine, is still a well-known cuisine, which people from all over the world genuinely enjoy. To give you an example, probably most of you must have already heard or tried sushi/sashimi, ramen, gyoza or udon soup, right? However, let’s start from the beginning.

Japanese cuisine shares lots of similarities with other Asian cuisines, or something like “Asian style” in general. No wonder that Japanese cuisine uses chopsticks for eating, and rice and noodles as main ingredients. In addition, many dishes consist of seasonal vegetables and seafood, which is mainly thanks to its location. Unlike some Western cuisines, which often use frying as a method for cooking, Japanese often cook ingredients in a water, and then serve it with a side dish.

As we have mentioned above, among the most popular dishes belong sushi (usually consisting of rice, sauces and seafood), ramen (a noodle soup usually prepared with some type of meat and vegetables), gyoza (dumplings with vegetables or meat inside), and udon soup (a soup with udon noodles, vegetables and meat).

There are many other dishes which are also tasty, so don’t hesitate and visit one of the Japanese restaurants!

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