Cat café in Smíchov – in the cat’s presence you will forget all your worries

Great desserts and delicious coffee, that would be enough to make the café popular. However, the Cat café (Kočičí kavárna) in Smíchov has one more ace up its sleeve – cats. Sixteen different cats that are used to humans and ready to cuddle with you! Everything revolves around cats; in short, it’s a must-visit place.

Upon the arrival to the café, it is clear that there is something different. After opening the main door, you have to open yet another small door, which is there for cats to not run away. But you don’t really have to worry about them running away, because these cats don’t overflow with energy, but quite the opposite. You can find them lying on chairs, tables, in their “beds”, or on someone’s lap. They are more of calm and relaxed companions rather than hyperactive cuties. Each cat has its own name, which you will find with a picture in the menu. You can also find the names on various other places, however, we will leave the search for you.

The atmosphere in the café is very quiet and relaxed, just order something right at the entrance and you can go and hide somewhere in the back, where you can enjoy your conversation. Cozy rooms are full of decorations, paintings on the walls, pillows, cat beds, themed decorations, flowers and toys. There are lots of features to make visitors and cats feel as comfortable as possible. The bright color walls in combination with the wooden furniture and all that decoration will feel very soothing. It is clearly visible that the owner cares about the café very much, which this place definitely deserves.

To sum it up, the decoration is great, the cats are friendly and attract many customers, but what about coffee, tea, or desserts? Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about them! You can choose between different types of herbal teas, coffee, desserts, which you can view on a glass shelf, but you can also order something salty. The serving itself is also worth mentioning, for example, if you order tea, you will get it on a wooden plate with a cup, teapot and other things, so you can mix everything as you need it. With tea, you can order raspberry cake, ice cream sundae, nuts, chips…

The cat café in Smíchov is a place that should be visited by all lovers of cats, good coffee and a cozy environment. Invite friends and visit this place together, you will be pleasantly surprised and maybe the café will become a place where you will return regularly.

And by the way, did you know that we also organize various friendly meetings here as a part of the Globalduck community? If you don’t have someone to visit it with, you can join us. 😊

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