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Cafe, coworking and a place where various events take place. A working environment during the day and social activities full of fun during the evening, that’s Coffice Prague. Personal approach to visitors, unlimited coffee and tea or sitting on the couch and listening to piano, this is just a short list of what you can experience here.

Just walk down the hall and you are already there. When you open a door, a spacious and cozy room with many different features will appear in front of your eyes. Paintings on walls, stacked books on shelves, comfortable chairs, tables, art and even a piano will evoke pleasant feelings inside you. Here, everything is designed to make you feel like at home.

Coffice is not a classic café. You do not pay for coffee or tea, but for the hours you spend there. In exchange for that, you will get an awesome benefit in the form of an unlimited amount of tea/coffee. In other words, you don’t have to worry about a thing, you just have to pay for the time and then quietly enjoy it. An even better option may be purchasing one of the memberships, with which you will save some money and you will get additional benefits on top of it.

You will have plenty of peace in the café during the day, however, if you are serious about working, then the best choice for you will be to rent a shared office. There is a deeper meaning behind it, as Coffice itself states “We want to create a real Social Coworking Space in Prague. For us it is not just about to provide a desk. We work hard to create an environment where any guest can interact and have a good time between and after-work.” And yes, as you may have already guessed it, you will also get unlimited coffee or tea included in the price. Fast internet, comfortable desks and office chairs are a must. The same applies for the printer and other features. In short, there is everything you need for work.

Do you need to schedule a meeting from time to time, but you need a conference room? You can rent it here for an hour or even for a whole day. With a capacity of over 10 seats, a projector, a blackboard, a large desk and comfortable chairs you will get a great background where you can work undisturbed. Whenever you need something, you can just contact the staff and you will certainly come to an agreement.

The goal of Coffice is to create a multifunctional place where people can work and create something during the day and in the evening have fun, meet new people and enjoy all kinds of entertainment. We could talk about Coffice endlessly because even the story itself is very interesting. From crumbling spaces to a cozy environment, where you will always come across something new. It’s evident that this place is well taken care of and that’s why come here as soon as possible, taste great coffee and meet new people!

Even if the main language is English, I'm from Argentina and I speak fluent Spanish, English and Portuguese. So if you would like to improve new languages, Coffice is the right place to do it.

Martin, founder of Coffice

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