Can Bey – Doner kebab in a way it should be

This time, we will introduce you to one of the best fast foods in Prague. We are talking about Doner Kebab Can Bey which you can find on Jecna street nearby the Charles Square. They offer one of the best kebabs in Prague. Their kebab is flavorful and you can make it even better by choosing one of the four homemade dressings (garlic, herb, chilli or kari). What should be appreciated the most about their kebab is the variety of vegetables and the fresh meat they serve. The serving is more than enough compared to what you pay. Heck, they even have a draft beer! However, what you may not appreciate are occasionally very long queues, which also indicate that they have a good kebab!

I would pay double for this monster! It's much more than a good value. Lots of vegetables, quality meat and fast service.

David Pham


Before you visit the restaurant, first take a look at the menu of Can Bey.

Lately the Turkish cuisine has been considerably popular mainly thanks to the kebab which can be bought basically in every town. However, what’s exactly behind the Turkish cuisine, there isn’t only kebab, or is there?

Kebab is a main meal on a Turkish menu, however it’s not a kebab as we commonly know it. Simply speaking, kebab is a roasted or grilled meat which is served alongside various side dishes, mainly rice and bread. While in central Europe we imagine kebab (gyros) to be a meat pierced on a pole which is then being grilled on a rotating grill, In Turkey there exist countless types of kebabs where each of them is differently prepared and served. For Turkish people the term kebab alone doesn’t have much of a meaning, there needs to be an additional attribute which would specify the meal more. People mainly consume chicken and lamb meat. On the other hand, you will hardly find pork meat as majority of citizens believe in Islam which prohibits the consummation of pork meat. An inseparable part of a meal is salad which consists of various types of vegetables.

In Turkey people also often consume soups which can be served with bread as a main dish. Thanks to the ingredients used the broths are thick, so they will easily fill your stomach. If we also take into account the quality and fresh ingredients which Turkish cooks use, then we will obtain an incredibly tasty food.

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