Hanoi Wok – a cozy Vietnamese restaurant with great prices

Named after the capital city of Vietnam, this restaurant is situated in Žižkov district nearby VŠE university.

As the name suggests, the restaurant primarily focuses on Vietnamese meals such as noodle soups (phở), rice with meat, seafood meals and salads, however on the menu you can also find several Thai dishes. It’s also possible to have the food ordered and then delivered to your address.

The interior of the restaurant consists of wooden furniture, simple small bookshelves and numerous ornamental flowers. Overall, it could be described as tidy and neat, which will give you a pleasant and relaxing feeling.

The restaurant is ideal for people who are fans of Vietnamese cuisine (or Asian cuisine in general) or who wish to simply try it out. Moreover, it’s a great place for students as the prices are not high.

As a VŠE university student, I often visit this restaurant with my friend after I finish evening lectures. The main reasons are probably cheap prices, Vietnamese cuisine and convenient location when you are starving. The food is delicious, and the waiting time isn’t long. I personally recommend the traditional soup known as pho (phở) or fried rice with beef or prawns.

Manh Tuan Nguyen


Before you visit the restaurant, first take a look at the menu of Hanoi Wok.

Vietnamese cuisine, as a Southeast Asian cuisine, shares a lot of similarities with other East Asian cuisines. The most standing out signature points would be the usage of chopsticks, the variety of tastes due to the usage of herbs and seasoning and rice as a bread and butter side dish.

Vietnamese food is usually non-fried and almost every meal consists of at least a bit of vegetable. Count in rice or rice noodles as a side dish and you have a fairly healthy cuisine. Because of the ingredients, which consist mainly of vegetables, rice, eggs and occasionally meat, Vietnamese food is considered to be light and easy to digest.

As for the tastes, the food is usually not salty but rather it’s on the sweet or spicy side. When it comes to spiciness, it’s usually up to you whether you wish to have it spicy or non-spicy because the level of spiciness can always be adjusted by you. The food can mostly be served both ways, the spicy or non-spicy way and it would still taste delicious.  As for the stamp point food, it would be bún chả (noodles with grilled meat), phở gà (noodle soup with chicken meat), spring rolls (rolls filled with vegetables, noodles, eggs, meat and other ingredients) and surely many others.

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