Ikea restaurant – a Swedish chain store also offers great meals

Are you thinking of getting a lunch, but you have no idea where to eat? We’ve got a tip for you! Go to Ikea! Yes, that’s right. Ikea is the right place to go if you want to get away from Prague city centre and overcrowded restaurants. Since you are new to Prague, you might be looking for some home accessories for your new place, so you will kill two birds with one stone. As crazy as it may seem, Ikea offers a quite tasty food for very cheap prices. You can either try Swedish cuisine (e.g. Swedish meatballs) or Czech cuisine from which they currently offer deer meat. But that’s not all. Next up on their menu are cold dishes such as salads or marinated salmon. And if you have a sweet tooth you can try their desserts like Swedish almond cake with caramel on top.

How to get to Ikea?

In Prague, there are two Ikeas, one of them being located in Cerny most and the second one in Zlicin. Both branches are easily accessible because they are on the first and the last station of the subway line B.

I was introduced to the Ikea restaurant thanks to my sister who is keen on modern home accessories and is a big gourmet. After visiting it few times, I actually enjoy going there more frequently because of the good food for pretty affordable prices

David Pham


Before you visit the restaurant, first take a look at the menu of Ikea restaurant.

Due to the severe conditions prevailing in Sweden because of the the weather, the food is quite saturated. Main ingredients in this cuisine are various types of meat, potatoes and vegetable.

Because of the location, local people consume a lot of fish. The most popular fish species are herrings, salmons and codfish, but you can also choose from a wide list of fish species living in local waters. Typical fish food is Surströmming.

The most famous swedish food is undoubtedly köttbullar (meat balls). The balls are made from pork and beef. Almost every family have their own recipe for köttbullar. Next meat dish is elk goulash, which is traditionally served for centuries. As for side dish, it is usually bread or potatoes, but because of the influence of other cuisines they also serve pasta and rice.

Sweden is well known for its desserts like cake and pie. Desserts are often accompanied by dairy products, which are produced there at high quality level. All this in combination with fresh fruit makes desserts an irresistible delicacy.

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