Kantýna – a place with not only great food

Kantýna is a restaurant with a unique concept and a butchery at the same time, which is located at the center of Prague. The restaurant is mainly Czech cuisine oriented, more specifically meat oriented as the butchers shop frequently provide the cooks with fresh meat. As for the unique concept, you enter the restaurant and you get a piece of paper/menu, however instead of ordering the food and waiting, you have to go to the tables with food and put it on your tray. There are several places with spots with certain food and drinks. You can “refill” your food whenever you wish. After choosing your main course, you can also order Czech beer at the pumps. You pay for the food when you leave the restaurant. If you are in a hurry, you can simply visit the butchery, where you can buy something to eat and take it with you to work or school. The restaurant is excellent, and the concept is interesting, however there are two cons which can’t be left unmentioned – the price and the busy hours. Considering the services, the prices are adequate, however they aren’t exactly cheap for students. As for busy hours, during these hours you probably won’t be able to find a place to sit, so you are only left with one option – to eat while standing. On the other hand, people don’t visit this restaurant mainly for the food but for the atmosphere and entertainment. That’s also why there are so many people there. To sum it up, the restaurant is a perfect place for everyone, who wishes to try something unconventional and a Czech cuisine on a special occasion.

I often visit Kantýna because it has a convenient location and quality Czech food and beer. I really enjoy the interesting concept of not waiting for the waiter/waitress and instead, taking the food all by myself. Somehow it slightly reminds me of bistro. The main reason I visit this place is because of the atmosphere. So many positive people looking for entertainment gather here, that you will also get filled with energy. People don’t visit Kantýna in order to fill their stomach, but to enjoy themselves, for example with your friends.

Ondřej Vosecký


Before you visit the restaurant, first take a look at the menu of Kantýna.

Czech cuisine is a specific Central European type of cuisine, which is known for its soups as an appetizer and various sauces with dumplings as a main dish. Because the Czech Republic is so rich on ingredients, you can also find meals with wild animals and fishes as a part of Czech menu. Another important ingredient are mushrooms, which are common in Czechia during rainy seasons. Many types of pies and pastries, which are popular in Europe actually come from Czech cuisine. Despite the diverse menu, not many meals actually originate from Czechia.

As mentioned above, a traditional lunch consists of soup and a main dish. Soups are mostly made of vegetables, various seasoning and a bit of meat. They are thick and fill your stomach quite quickly, therefore they alone can be eaten as a main dish. As traditional soups are considered tripe, garlic, mushroom, bean, goulash soups.

As for the main dishes, they consist mainly of meat, primarily pork, beef and chicken meat. Traditional meat food would be Schnitzel, Roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut and roasted carp.

An irreplaceable part of Czech cuisine are the beforementioned sauces. They are considerably dense so they will quickly satisfy your hunger. Their main and probably the only side dish are dumplings. The most famous ones would be cream sauce, tomato sauce, mushroom sauce, dill sauce and sirloin sauce.

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