Madame Lyn – a highly rated Vietnamese restaurant with a friendly atmosphere

A restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere and a friendly-looking interior, that’s Madame Lyn, a Vietnamese restaurant which was established in 2013.

In menu, you can find Vietnamese specialties, such as traditional beef or chicken noodle soups (phở bò, phở gà), spring rolls or fried glass noodles with seafood. Vegetarians are also welcomed here as they offer meals prepared from tofu. What’s more, you can also try out Vietnamese desserts like roasted banana or rice cakes.

The interior consists of light-colored walls with paintings hanged on those walls, wooden furniture and crimson red chairs, all complemented by several plants in flowerpots.  At the front you can see a small bar where are displayed various types of wines. The restaurant also has an outdoor area for customers to enjoy during sunny days.

Overall, Madame Lyn is a friendly restaurant which many customers hold in high regards and is best for romantic or family dinners.

I have been irregularly going to this family restaurant for the past six or seven years because it’s nearby my workplace. The family owning the restaurant may seem cold at first but if you get to know them, you will find out that they are actually very nice. My personal favorite is rice with peanut sauce and chicken meat and noodle soup with beef. In my opinion, if you visit this restaurant, you won’t end up regretting it.

Daniel Dvořák 


Before you visit the restaurant, first take a look at the menu of Madame Lyn.

Vietnamese cuisine, as a Southeast Asian cuisine, shares a lot of similarities with other East Asian cuisines. The most standing out signature points would be the usage of chopsticks, the variety of tastes due to the usage of herbs and seasoning and rice as a bread and butter side dish.

Vietnamese food is usually non-fried and almost every meal consists of at least a bit of vegetable. Count in rice or rice noodles as a side dish and you have a fairly healthy cuisine. Because of the ingredients, which consist mainly of vegetables, rice, eggs and occasionally meat, Vietnamese food is considered to be light and easy to digest.

As for the tastes, the food is usually not salty but rather it’s on the sweet or spicy side. When it comes to spiciness, it’s usually up to you whether you wish to have it spicy or non-spicy because the level of spiciness can always be adjusted by you. The food can mostly be served both ways, the spicy or non-spicy way and it would still taste delicious.  As for the stamp point food, it would be bún chả (noodles with grilled meat), phở gà (noodle soup with chicken meat), spring rolls (rolls filled with vegetables, noodles, eggs, meat and other ingredients) and surely many others.

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