Per Te – Incredible Mediterranean food coupled with a friendly atmosphere

Incredible Mediterranean food, large spaces ideal for various occasions and friendly atmosphere and personnel, that’s Per Te, a restaurant located in Vinohrady district.

Generally speaking, Per Te offers a diverse menu with lots of dishes. Aside the traditional Mediterranean meals, which are a primary focus, the restaurant also prepares a large variety of dishes with pasta or risotto. Customers can also try meals from special menu, which regularly changes for new meals.

As for the spacious interior, the walls of each room are of different color thus giving the overall atmosphere in each room a different vibe. Some rooms are filled with wooden furniture, others consist of a mix of leather chairs and wooden tables.

Let’s not forget about the various occasions we mentioned at the beginning. Per Te also offers a free space for large-scale occasions, such as corporate parties, birthday celebrations or wedding celebrations.

Aside those large-scale events, Per Te is also suited for romantic dinners, family lunches or business meetings.

My girlfriend once suggested we visit this place because it was her favorite Italian restaurant. I wasn’t really against it as I live in Vinohrady, so it was convenient for me to meet up there. When I stepped inside, I was sucked in by the friendly atmosphere and cozy interior. I ordered fried peppers with feta cheese as a starter and carpaccio spaghetti as main dish which were both incredible, so I can recommend you these. My girlfriend ordered a salmon with something (I don’t exactly know what) and she also praised it. In the end, we were both really full so unfortunately, we couldn’t try their desserts.

Filip Daněk


Before you visit the restaurant, first take a look at the menu of Per Te.

You will hardly find someone, who doesn’t like Italian cuisine. But what’s the reason? Basic ingredients are pasta, meat and vegetables, all in perfect ratio. The combination of the tastes is great, so no wonder that the Italian cuisine is considered as one of the best in the world.

We can’t begin with anything else but pasta, which is world famous and also a symbol, because that’s the first thing that comes into mind when mentioning Italian cuisine. Pasta is made of flour and water and people often add eggs. However, it’s not that simple, every type of pasta is prepared slightly differently and that’s why there are hundreds of types of pasta out there and each of them have different taste and shape. As for the most famous ones, they are: Spaghetti, Gnoocchi, Penne, Lasagne, Fusilli and so on. Pasta is mainly served with chicken and veal meat, which is mostly mixed in with it. Because of the location they often use seafood.

The most popular Italian meal is without a doubt pizza. Everyone knows it and rarely people don’t like it, because there are countless of variants, so everyone can find his favorite. Despite that, if there are people who haven’t heard of it, it’s a circle shaped dough, on which you add various ingredients: different types of meat, cheese, vegetables, mushrooms…imagination knows no bounds. Everything then is put into the furnace, where the dough and the rest of the ingredients are baked. After that, the circle is split into eight triangles, which are consumed separately.

What other meals is Italian cuisine known for? For example, cheeses, which are countless of types out there. The most famous ones are Parmesan, Mozzarella and Ricotta. Italia also produces very quality salamis and sausages such as Prosciutto, which is a type of a dry pork ham.

There are lots of Italian food out there, hence you surely have tons of meals to choose from. Don’t be afraid to give it a try, the taste is decent and at the same time the food will fill you up. If you enjoy cooking, Italian cuisine is a great starting point.

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