Portfolio restaurant – have a taste of exotic meals in the center of Prague!

Modern interior, incredible wines and flawless service – these words perfectly describe a restaurant which is situated across the street from Masarykovo train station.

The restaurant doesn’t particularly specialize on a single cuisine, which makes it ideal for people who don’t know which meal they’d like to eat. Portfolio offers daily specials, regular menu and a five-course tasting menu which includes wine. On the menu list customers can find various fish meals, exotic meats and seafood. Moreover, the restaurant boasts with a rare collection of wines which aren’t usually available on the market.

As for the interior, the combination of white, black, brown and crimson red, which are the theme colors of the restaurant, were carefully designed to give customers the impression of elegance and modernity.

There is one thing you should keep in mind when making a reservation – the prices. They are considerably above the average prices, on the other hand, the personnel will make sure that the services are worth every penny.

The celebration lunch I had with my wife was beyond all expectations. The waiter was very kind, polite and with a good sense of humor. The goat cheese was incredible and the foie gras duck liver paté was simply flawless. As for the last part, I ordered baked apples and coffee which was a nice finisher. The interior and the overall friendly and relaxing atmosphere multiplied the experience. In the end, we were so full that we had a hard time getting home. A big thanks belongs to waiter Jakub, who made our experience even better!

Pepa Sadloň


Before you visit the restaurant, first take a look at the menu of Portfolio.

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