La Veranda – experience a unique combination of Italian and French cuisine

Relaxing atmosphere and delicious food, these words perfectly describe La Veranda restaurant, which is situated in the city center, more specifically in the Old town district. Unlike majority of other restaurants, this one doesn’t focus on a single cuisine. If you look into the menu, you can notice that a considerable part of the menu is reserved for seafood and traditional Czech meats. As for wines, the menu list mostly consists of French, Italian and Czech wines. When it comes to interior, it could be described as modern and environmentally friendly. Moreover, the colorful decoration will instantly brighten your mood which will increase your appetite while at the same time help you enjoy the moment.

To sum it up, the restaurant offers delicious food from all kinds of cuisines in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

It’s a restaurant which is located in a historical part of Prague Josefov. The restaurant belongs to a higher price category, however they accurately reflect the quality of services. The personnel were nice and friendly, and the meals and beverages were great, especially the wines from Moravia. Don’t forget to make a reservation, because it’s a must. As for the interior, it can be described with only one word – cozy. Honestly, I would recommend it to everyone to at least try it once, because in my opinion, it ranks among the top restaurants in Prague.

Jana Dobrovská


Before you visit the restaurant, first take a look at the menu of Restaurant La Veranda .

French cuisine belongs among one of the most popular and renowned cuisines in the world, which significantly influenced numerous other cuisines in the history. France also formed grande (haute) cuisine which is a term relating to serving top-class meals in luxurious restaurants for high prices. The cuisine slightly differs from region to region as it depends on local conditions, ingredients and location.

Among the main ingredients are considered various meats, such as lamb or veal, fish, seafood, vegetables, dairy products, mainly cheese, herbs and pastry, such as baguettes. Moreover, French cuisine is immensely famous for its wines, which are rated as one of the best wines in the world. As an example serve wines such as Chardonnay, Cabaret Savignon or Merlot.

When it comes to famous and renowned dishes, it could be Soupe à l’oignon which is a traditional soup made of onions and beef and cheese on top, Ratatouille which is an iconic

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