Restaurant Maitrea – a vegetarian restaurant which is even loved by “non-vegetarians”

Maitrea (the meaning could be translated as “loving kindness “) is a vegetarian restaurant which is situated at the center of Prague in Prague 1 district. The main idea behind the restaurant is to cook healthy, yet delicious food which would even non-vegetarian visitors enjoy.

As we have mentioned above, the restaurant specializes in cooking vegetarian meals with no inclination to a specific cuisine. In other words, customers can choose from Korean kimchi, burgers, pasta, Udon noodles and many other dishes which belong to different cuisines. As for the drinks, the restaurant doesn’t offer hard liquor, but rather focuses more on teas, wines and hot drinks.

When it comes to interior, it’s specifically designed to give off the relaxing and calm atmosphere with a touch of exotic vibes. There, customers will find small fountains, statues and lots of flowers. The whole interior is then complemented by wooden furniture.

The restaurant is a perfect place for calm and relaxing dinners with your families, significant others or perhaps dates.

Although I am not a typical person who would eat these meals, I have to admit that the taste was quite something. The variety of dishes, the atmosphere and decoration were also flawless. Everything made sense and perfectly fit together like pieces of puzzle. If you wish to order drinks, I recommend homemade lemonades, because they were on another level. I also recommend you making a reservation as it’s almost impossible to find a seat during dinner times. This could also serve as a proof how popular the restaurant is.

Rostislav Novotný


Before you visit the restaurant, first take a look at the menu of Restaurant Maitrea.

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