Mlýnec restaurant – a classy restaurant offering an exceptional view

An elegant and cozy restaurant on riverbank directly in the center of Prague – this sentence could sum up the restaurant, however there is more than meets the eye, so let’s start from the beginning.

With a combination of traditional and modern cooking techniques, chefs cook meals in an open kitchen where customers have an opportunity to see the process of cooking. The menu consists of Czech specialties and numerous popular meals from around the globe which occasionally change so that the menu stays interesting and fresh.

The interior is decorated in an elegant manner with humble, yet classy colors which will leave an immediate impression of luxury. What’s more, from the windows customers can enjoy a view of a majestic Charles bridge and the background which enhances the atmosphere, especially during summer.

The restaurant is a perfect place for romantic dinners, business meetings, but also for celebrations of important events. It’s also possible to rent a part or a whole restaurant for special occasions or corporate parties.

I have visited the restaurant after several years during Grand Restaurant Festival and I rate this restaurant as awesome. The personnel were kind, observant but not annoying. Despite the fact that I visited the restaurant during festival time, I couldn’t even notice any problems with quality or service. The veal rib eye was prepared perfectly. Overall, it’s a pleasant place with modern environment and there is also a nice bonus of a view of Charles bridge. Especially during summer, it must be nice to sit on terrace and be even closer to it. If you are thinking about visiting this place, you definitely won’t regret it!

Radek Gajdoš


Before you visit the restaurant, first take a look at the menu of Restaurant Mlýnec.

Czech cuisine is a specific Central European type of cuisine, which is known for its soups as an appetizer and various sauces with dumplings as a main dish. Because the Czech Republic is so rich on ingredients, you can also find meals with wild animals and fishes as a part of Czech menu. Another important ingredient are mushrooms, which are common in Czechia during rainy seasons. Many types of pies and pastries, which are popular in Europe actually come from Czech cuisine. Despite the diverse menu, not many meals actually originate from Czechia.

As mentioned above, a traditional lunch consists of soup and a main dish. Soups are mostly made of vegetables, various seasoning and a bit of meat. They are thick and fill your stomach quite quickly, therefore they alone can be eaten as a main dish. As traditional soups are considered tripe, garlic, mushroom, bean, goulash soups.

As for the main dishes, they consist mainly of meat, primarily pork, beef and chicken meat. Traditional meat food would be Schnitzel, Roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut and roasted carp.

An irreplaceable part of Czech cuisine are the beforementioned sauces. They are considerably dense so they will quickly satisfy your hunger. Their main and probably the only side dish are dumplings. The most famous ones would be cream sauce, tomato sauce, mushroom sauce, dill sauce and sirloin sauce.

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