Restaurant U Študáka – enjoy an evening in a pub-like restaurant with large servings

Are you a student who is looking for a restaurant nearby VŠE Jarov dormitories? Then definitely visit restaurant “U Študáka “, which is only a couple of steps away from “Strážní” tram station.

U Študáka mainly specializes in Czech cuisine, so there you will find meals, such as Czech tlačenka, utopenci, schnitzel or steak tartare. The menu also includes a list of vegetarian meals, like fried cheese or vegetable salads, so everyone will find what suits them best. The prices of each meal are also great, which makes it an ideal place for students.

As for the interior, it resembles more of a pub than restaurant, in a good sense. Wooden furniture everywhere, a large TV for sport matches, and a noisy, yet pleasant atmosphere made by numerous locals, creates an authentic pub-like vibe. This unique vibe is an inseparable part of Czech people, so if you are foreigner, you should really experience it at least once.

Restaurant U Študáka may not be the most luxurious or provide unique meals, however the atmosphere, the tasty Czech food, and lower prices make this restaurant a popular choice among locals and students alike.

I have lived in the nearby dormitory for a rather long time before I visited the restaurant for the first time, which was a big mistake. At that time, I visited it with a friend because it was evening and everything nearby was closed, except for this restaurant. I ordered “Katův Šleh” which can be found in section “for big appetites”. I can recommend all these meals in this section, however they are really for people who are extremely hungry. In the end, I couldn’t even finish it. My friend ordered pork medallions, which despite not being in that section, was still a large serving. After that, I keep occasionally revisiting it, because the prices are awesome for students, and the servings make it worth every penny.

Manh Tuan Nguyen


Before you visit the restaurant, first take a look at the menu of Restaurant U Študáka.

Czech cuisine is a specific Central European type of cuisine, which is known for its soups as an appetizer and various sauces with dumplings as a main dish. Because the Czech Republic is so rich on ingredients, you can also find meals with wild animals and fishes as a part of Czech menu. Another important ingredient are mushrooms, which are common in Czechia during rainy seasons. Many types of pies and pastries, which are popular in Europe actually come from Czech cuisine. Despite the diverse menu, not many meals actually originate from Czechia.

As mentioned above, a traditional lunch consists of soup and a main dish. Soups are mostly made of vegetables, various seasoning and a bit of meat. They are thick and fill your stomach quite quickly, therefore they alone can be eaten as a main dish. As traditional soups are considered tripe, garlic, mushroom, bean, goulash soups.

As for the main dishes, they consist mainly of meat, primarily pork, beef and chicken meat. Traditional meat food would be Schnitzel, Roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut and roasted carp.

An irreplaceable part of Czech cuisine are the beforementioned sauces. They are considerably dense so they will quickly satisfy your hunger. Their main and probably the only side dish are dumplings. The most famous ones would be cream sauce, tomato sauce, mushroom sauce, dill sauce and sirloin sauce.

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