Sia restaurant – a piece of quality asian food in Prague

Sia restaurant is a rather famous Asian restaurant, which is located nearby Masarykovo railway station. As mentioned above, the main specialization is in Asian meals, however unlike others, this restaurant doesn’t focus on a single cuisine. Visitors will find there for example Japanese meals, Chinese traditional meals, Thai popular meals or even Vietnamese food. In order to be able to cook such variety of meals from different cuisines in such high quality, the team of chefs was made from people from various Asian countries.

The restaurant itself is made of several floors. The interior refers to an Asian markets theme, which leads to the whole place carrying a unique exotic atmosphere. Customers also have an exceptional opportunity to experience an open kitchen style, which means that the food is being prepared right in front of their eyes.

The only downside of this restaurant are probably slightly higher prices, however considering the services and the location, it’s understandable. Nonetheless, if we put all these points together, we will get a restaurant which customers won’t easily forget.

Right after the opening, the restaurant quickly became one of the most popular restaurants with Asian food. This made me curious so I visited it, and I must say that it’s understandable that it’s so popular. The duck was simply unimaginably great and so were the wines and cocktails. The restaurant has several floors and don’t expect romantic atmosphere, because it’s quite noisy there. The personnel were knowledgeable and every time they served us with a meal, they added an interesting comment. The only thing that I lacked were the markings of allergens, however when I asked, they answered me politely, so it was fine.

Gustav Hluchý


Before you visit the restaurant, first take a look at the menu of Sia restaurant.

Vietnamese cuisine, as a Southeast Asian cuisine, shares a lot of similarities with other East Asian cuisines. The most standing out signature points would be the usage of chopsticks, the variety of tastes due to the usage of herbs and seasoning and rice as a bread and butter side dish.

Vietnamese food is usually non-fried and almost every meal consists of at least a bit of vegetable. Count in rice or rice noodles as a side dish and you have a fairly healthy cuisine. Because of the ingredients, which consist mainly of vegetables, rice, eggs and occasionally meat, Vietnamese food is considered to be light and easy to digest.

As for the tastes, the food is usually not salty but rather it’s on the sweet or spicy side. When it comes to spiciness, it’s usually up to you whether you wish to have it spicy or non-spicy because the level of spiciness can always be adjusted by you. The food can mostly be served both ways, the spicy or non-spicy way and it would still taste delicious.  As for the stamp point food, it would be bún chả (noodles with grilled meat), phở gà (noodle soup with chicken meat), spring rolls (rolls filled with vegetables, noodles, eggs, meat and other ingredients) and surely many others.

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