TGI Fridays – an authentic American burger house

TGI Fridays is a casual chain restaurant offering a wide range of American food. There are two TGI Fridays restaurants in Prague, however this article will only refer to the restaurant located at “Na Příkopě” street, which is at the centre. The interior is adjusted to give you the American seventies-eighties vibe, so it could beautifully complement with the cuisine. As for the prices, they are slightly higher than usual, however it won’t hurt as the quantity makes up for it. The staff were all very nice and professional which will be very much appreciated beside the amazing food.

I am honestly very pleasantly surprised. I am not exactly a fan of American cuisine, however the food was so extraordinarily good that I ended up enjoying it. The prices are acceptable, and the serving is quite large so there is a greater chance that you will leave the restaurant overstuffed than starved. I would personally recommend you trying out one of their hamburgers because that’s what I would order the next time I visit the restaurant. One more thing worth mentioning – the staff were all fantastic.

David Pham


Before you visit the restaurant, first take a look at the menu of TGI Fridays.

Unlike other cuisines, which are often derived out of the necessity or a means for survival, the American cuisine is rather difficult to define as the country is made up of many different cultures, which were brought by immigrants in the past. Nonetheless, this country has established several dishes which are considered examples of American cuisine.

When it comes to main dishes, probably everyone will think of hamburgers, fried potatoes and hot dogs. That’s certainly true but there is a lot more. The American people is also known for being a steak lover, an excellent example is a grilled rib-eye with a side of mashed potatoes, which is popular throughout the entire country. By taking advantage of the treasures that the surrounding oceans offer, American people have also created a New England clambake, which is considered to be one of the best shellfish meals out there.

As for desserts, the award definitely goes to apple pies. But there are also lots of different kinds of pies such as cherry, pecan and key lime pies. Last but not least, let’s not forget about strawberry shortcakes, which is rather popular during springtime.

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