Accommodation in Prague

Finding an accommodation in Prague isn’t an easy task at all. Recently, there is a steady increase of rents, so you have to be prepared for that. We have prepared a comparison of every type of accommodation with its pros and cons. You will also find a links, redirecting you to websites for more specific details/services. At the end of every section, there is our recap. We wish you good luck successfully finding an accommodation!

Table of contents of accommodation

Before we look into accommodation options, you have to think of what, do you expect from the accommodation and what are your options. We have noted down the questions, which might help you choose the right accommodation.

  1. For how long, do I want an accommodation
  2. Which area, do I want to live in?
  3. Do I want to live alone or with someone? (a friend, a lover, a child etc.)
  4. Do I need a lot of privacy?
  5. What is my budget limit
  6. How much time, do I need to get to school/work?
  7. How much luxurious I want it to be?
  8. What I take with me? (furniture, a bicycle, pets etc.)
  9. Do I want to take all responsibilities of accommodation?


If your purpose of travelling here is tourism, then staying in a hotel might be a right choice for you. In Prague, there is a large amount of hotels, so you don’t have to worry about the lack of capacity or selection options, ranging from 5 star luxury hotels to a small scale hotels with more affordable prices.

Variety of hotels

Thanks to the great number of tourists visiting Prague, there is a wide range of hotels. This occurrence causes hotels to try to attract as much customers as possible, leading to a steady increase of services, which hotels provide, such as swimming pools, gyms etc.

Hotels are everywhere

There are some areas, where it might be difficult to find accommodation, for example in student areas. However, hotels are located everywhere in Prague, regardless of the student areas.

Quick agreements without any issues

Hotels compete for every single customer so they respond quickly to your questions and you can usually find a suitable accommodation in a matter of minutes. In case you any more questions, receptionists are always there to help you out!

Wide range of services

Every hotel provides numerous useful bundles with certain advantages.

Protection for you and your belongings

Camera system, reception and other safety providing services will hardly be present in other types of accommodation. On top of that, hotels also possess a safe, where you can keep your valuables safe.

Breakfasts and lunches included

With breakfasts and lunches included, you no longer need to worry about food, and you can fully enjoy your stay here and explore Prague to your hearts content.

Cleaning services

There is no need to think about cleaning, because hotel´s personnel will take care of that for you.

Higher prices

Airbnb is a cheaper choice, but it will not provide as many services as hotels

Abiding the rules

Opening and closing hours, breakfast and lunch hours, swimming pool opening hours etc.

Less privacy

You might be interrupted by an unexpected visit of a cleaning personnel. Camera system etc…

Inaccurate image of daily life of locals

Hotels compete who provide the best accommodation. Due to that, hotels are equipped with luxurious furniture and accessories, making it impressive, but totally misleading regarding the lives of locals.

We have selected a couple of websites, which will help you with finding an ideal hotel. There are a lot more websites however these are the most used and excellent.

Trivago – Trivago is a worldwide website browser. Thanks to the filter option, you will be able to select your accommodation in relation to price, date, location, etc. When you click on a hotel, you will find more useful information such as reviews and photos. The website is available in most languages. – A very intuitive website with wide range of options to choose from. Setting the usual filter options aside, you can also filter customer reviews, which will provide you with more valuable information. Website is available only in English –Very similar to with the only difference and that is availability in multiple languages.

Hotel is an ideal choice if you wish to combine Prague visit with recreation and relaxation. Thanks to the large number of hotels, everyone will find their right accommodation. Reservation is quick and the reception will be always available during your stay. On the other hand, due to the variety of services, the price will be considerably higher, so if you intend to stay in Prague for a longer period of time, hotel will most likely not be the best option.


Airbnb is a very popular service. Since 2008 the company has been an intermediary between people and accommodation. Before you can use Airbnb services, you have to register on their website and then you can choose an accommodation which suits you. On Airbnb website, you will only find landlord’s offers about renting their apartment. If you are interested in their offer, you will then contact the landlord. Except for the mandatory information, you can also find most recent reviews, which were written by previous visitors. This will significantly increase your understanding of the landlord. This option is recommended for tourists visiting Prague.


Airbnb is cheaper than hotels. It is due to the absence of personnel and other services, which hotels provide to customers.

More personal space

If you choose Airbnb, you will basically live someone else’s flat, which means that you have a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room etc. Basically, you are like at home.


The accommodation will let you see how local people live in Prague. You will be able to be in their shoes and get to know the Prague’s culture from different perspective.

Large variety of services

Every hotel has a set of packages with selected services

Large variety of types of housing

Airbnb provides everything, from small humble flats to spacious and luxurious housing. If you want to experience something unusual, Airbnb is your ideal choice.

Breakfasts and lunches are included in the price

This means that you don't have to worry about your stomach and you can fully concentrate on exploring Prague.

Conversation with locals

The landlord will gladly lend you a hand with everything or answer your questions, should you have any and provide you with some tips for trips. If you are lucky, you might make a new friend!

More complicated reservation system

If you want to reserve something, you have to register on their websites first, then verify your profile and after that, you are able to reserve your accommodation.

Solving problems is more difficult

Should you encounter any complications during your stay, you might find it hard to contact the landlord to solve your inconveniences.

Indirect communication

It is important to keep in mind, that Airbnb is only an intermediary, so it is not capable of solving every problem.


If you are interested in Airbnb and would like to get more information regarding accommodation, you could use this link here.

This popular service will provide you with first-hand experience with local culture and the life of locals in Prague. Price wise this option is usually cheaper than hotels. The housing will feel a lot like at home. If a problem occurs, you might find it difficult solving it. If you are an adventurer lover and want to get to know Prague, this option is definitely the best for you!

Renting a flat

If you plan on staying in Prague for a longer period of time, for example due to work or school, then you will definitely need a place to live. Renting a flat is one of the best and most common choices. You can choose either a fully equipped flat or not. The basic structure of a flat is a kitchen, toilet, bathroom and a bedroom (the number of rooms varies) + some flats have a cellar or a terrace. The price might include a parking spot, either in a garage or a designated spot outside. In Prague, the prices of flats are considerably high, so renting a flat is no cheap matter. Whole process of finding a flat is rather complicated.

  1. Find a location, where you want to live  – Prague is large, so it is important to find a flat that is as close as possible to your school, work or your favorite place. Attractive locations are more expensive. The same rule also applies to the closer to the center, the more expensive.
  2. Start searching for a flat – you can use real estate agency or non-agency portals (which are usually cheaper but don’t offer real estate services)
  3. Arrange a visitation  – When you find a couple of suitable flats for you, contact the real estate or the landlord and arrange a visit to the flat. This will help you determine, which are the best ones for you.
  4. Wait for you application to be successful – thanks to those visitations, you were probably able to choose one flat and applied for it. Now you should only wait for the response. When a landlord accepts a tenant, he/she is accepting an obligation, so he/she needs to make sure, that you are reliable and pay the rent on time
  5. Signing a contract – If the landlord chose you, it is time to sign a contract. It is utmost important that you take your time and read the contract carefully multiple times.
  6. Payment – After you sign a contract, it is necessary to pay the rent. Usually it consists of a usual rent payment plus an advance payment for utilitie
  7. Moving in – If you rented a fully equipped flat, then it is a piece of cake. However, if you haven’t, you have to buy furniture etc. You can read more about buying things here.


Like always, there is more than meets the eye, and this whole renting process is no exception.

  •  Not every landlord speaks/understands English, especially when you don’t use real estate agency. That’s why sometimes, they might be distrustful towards foreigners.
  • Most of the landlords look for long-term tenants, so if you are staying here for a term or 1 year, finding a rent might be more difficult.
  • Some landlords only focus on a prize tenants are willing to pay. In reality, landlords post a low prize and wait for a large number of candidates to contact them and during visitations, the one with the highest prize will get the flat. It works like an auction.
  • Usually, you have to pay 1 rent in advance in addition to the normal rent when sign a contract. However, sometimes the advance payment can be 3x the usual rent, so it is necessary to be financially prepared.
  • During the rent, it is possible, that the landlord will start to act aggressively and demand certain services. It is rare but it happens and because of the legislation regarding renting a flat is a bit complicated, it is problematic to solve things in court. The good news is that legislation mostly works in favor towards the tenants.
  • If there is an option of asking the neighbors, use this chance to acquire valuable information to help you when choosing a flat.

How to look reliable

The landlord is trying to keep his place, so before he decides who to choose, he has to acquire as much information about you as possible and that’s why you have to look reliable. The more reliable you look, the bigger the chance that you will get your desired flat.

  • Always arrive on time, whether it’s a visitation, meeting or signing a contract. There is nothing worse than arriving late. You will immediately lose all the reliability and trust.
  • During the visitation, be kind and honest. Tell them honestly what, are your requirements and expectations. It will be better for both sides as you will know where you stand. Also, the landlord will appreciate your honesty and will put more trust in you.
  • Always pay on time. This builds a long-lasting trust.
  • Have your information on social websites organized. For landlord, there is nothing easier than look up your name on social medias and find out the information about you. Pointless and senseless posts will definitely not gain you any trust.
  • If you have a chance to obtain references from your previous landlord, go for it. Your possibly new landlord will appreciate it.
  • They might also verify your ability to pay the rent, so they might ask your employer about your last 3 wages, so you should also keep that in mind.

Every landlord is different. Some of them don’t even attend the visitation and the real estate personnel will attend it in his/her steed. Sometimes you will get along with the landlord and the whole process will be a piece of cake and sometimes, you will have a hard time to gain each other’s trust.


The arrangement of the flat is basically up to you (the structure of the furniture, machines…)

The repairs are paid by the landlord

The regular repairs are paid by the landlord. Unless you deliberately damaged something because of your carelessness). It all depends on the signed contract.

Starting point

If you had just arrived in Prague and you intend to stay here for a longer a period of time, then renting a flat is your ideal starting point, especially if you plan to have a family. Later, you could move to a more spacious flat or even buy a flat.

High prices of rent

If you are new in Prague or you are still a student, the prices might be way too high for you.

Risk of notice period

It all depends on the contract, but sometimes, you could live happily in a flat and then after a year, when the contract terminates, you will be expelled from the flat without giving a reason.

Request for permission

If you would like to make a significant change in the flat, you will have to first ask the landlord for permission.

Occasional visits

You might encounter a landlord, which sometimes checks on the state of the flat. (whether you abide the contract or not). Not everyone does that, but you have to keep this in mind as it is possible.


There are a numerous websites and portals, which will help you find a flat. We have prepared a list of the main websites, both real estate and non-real estate ones.

Sreality – one of the largest portals with renting offers. The website is very well-arranged and intuitive. Here, you will mostly find a real estate offers, however it’s not a rule. Whole web is available in Czech, Russian and English.

Bezrealitky –On this site, mostly the landlords post their offers.  Nevertheless, don’t be misled because sometimes the real-estate offers might also mix in. The whole website is intuitive and offers a large amount of filters. Renting a flat aside, there are also offers regarding selling a flat/house or finding a roommate. The whole web is available only in Czech.

Realitymix –This site is very similar to the websites mentioned above. The whole website guides you, so searching for a flat is very comfortable. If you find something that you are interested in, you can put it into your favorites and with that, create a list of your top candidates. The platform is available in Czech

You can also join the facebook groups. The largest ones are BYDLENÍ PRAHA SPOLUBYDLENÍ PRAHA PRONÁJEM. Next one is Byty Praha prodej, pronájem bytu v Praze. If you speak in English, this site is for you PRAGUE accommodation: Flats for rent or Prague Rent a room/house/apartment/flat/accommodation/Long/Short-term.

Living in a flat sure is an attractive option, especially if you plan on staying in Prague for a longer period of time. The main advantage of this option is freedom, independency and a feeling of being at home. Landlords often look for a long-term tenants so if your stay unexpectedly lengthens, let’s say for 2 years, the landlord will only be happy (with other types of accommodations, it would be problematic). Remember that demand for flats is higher than the offers, so should steel your nerves and be patient.

A shared tenure

As we have mentioned above, the prizes for rents in Prague are quite high, so a shared rental is also a good option. The best situation is that you come to an agreement with your friends and share the rent among you. You know your friends and know what to expect of them. If you couldn’t find a friend to share a rent with, then don’t worry! There are all kinds of sites and groups, where you can find a person who has a same predicament as you.

Financial availability

The rent you have to pay will rapidly decrease thanks to the roommates you have. If you are in Prague as a student and don’t want to live in dormitory, this is definitely the best option financial wise.

Meeting new people

Thanks to the new roommates, you can make new friendships and connections.

A helping hand in the beginning

You had just arrived and don’t have a clue? Roommates will definitely give you an advice. They will help you how it works here, so the beginnings will feel a lot more pleasant.


Beside the advice they give you, they might also do some things in your steed (like borrowing something for you…) as you are new here. Compared to renting a flat alone, where you have to rely only on yourself, this is also a pleasant benefit.

A loss of privacy

Sometimes you just wish to relax and be alone, but your hyperactive roommates might not fulfil your wishes.

Unbearable roommate

Even an innocent looking roommate can later become quite a rascal. There is nothing worse than going home with feelings of anxiety and worry.


The higher the number of roommates, the lower the responsibility. Sometimes, someone will not be willing to pay a rent because someone else will do it in his steed. In those cases, you don’t have anyone to turn to, so you have to solve it some other way

A loss of things

Unfortunately, this might happen as well. In those cases, it’s nearly impossible to find a culprit as this can be your roommate, their friends or even previous tenants. Always make sure that you changed the lock, because you never what kind of person the previous tenant was and due to the constant changes of tenants, it could be a lot of people.

Either me or he/she

In case there is a major incompatibility with you and someone else, one of you will have to move out, but who will it be? Be prepared even for that, because you never know. It might be you who has to move out.

You have to adapt

Are you a night owl or an early bird? Roommates may not be so happy about that.


Considering the need of reaching an agreement between the tenants, the process of searching for accommodation happens on facebook most of the time. Here is the list of some facebook pages and websites that will surely help you with finding the right one.

Bezrealitky – We have already mentioned this website in the article about tenure. However, you can still find a shared rental from their wide-ranging offer.

Espolubydlení – This website focuses solely on shared rentals and it has many of them. But what makes this site stand out from the others is that you can place your own demand. Although the design of the web is outdated, it fully serves its purpose.

Many offers of shared accommodation can be found on the facebook pages mentioned in the article about rental. Nevertheless, there are also facebook groups that focus only on shared accommodation. Among the most popular ones are FLATSHARE in PRAGUE, FLATSHARE IN PRAGUE and FLAT RENTALS with NO COMMISSION.

A shared accommodation is a cheaper variant of a tenure. Though, the lower price comes with sacrifices such as less privacy and freedom. On the other hand, the help of roommates can be appreciated if we are new in the town. A shared accommodation is a combination between dormitory and a tenure.

A dormitory

Did you come to Prague to study? Then you will not find a cheaper accommodation than dormitory. Despite that, many students prefer choosing other variations over dorms either because of privacy or independence. There are many dormitories in Prague, but some of them are rather old…but first things first. Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of dorms and then we will take a look at each of them.

Unrivaled prices

You will hardly find an accommodation that is cheaper than dorms. It’s because of the quality and because of the subsidies from government.

New friendships

You will be able to meet new people everyday, therefore you have many chances to make new friendships.

The distance to school

Dormitories are often situated in university’s vicinities, so you can get to the lectures rather quickly. (there are some exceptions)

The equipment

Although the equipment is in bad shape, you don’t have to take care of it. You don’t need to obtain any furniture or appliances. The dorms have everything you may need in the future.

School canteens

A part of dorm complexes are dining halls, where you can eat for fair prices. Dining halls are similar to school canteens.


Thanks to the large number of students, the dorms are an ideal place for various parties.


Because there is a large number of students, you can’t really call that a privacy.


Although it’s true that dormitories are equipped, the quality is rather poor. Old equipment, a mess and unclean rooms are an everyday phenomenon.

Messy rooms

Despite your efforts of keeping the rooms clean, others may not feel the same way.


All dormitories have their set of rules, which you have to follow. This won’t happen when renting an apartment.

A roommate

A bad roommate may be a problem. Although you can switch rooms every term, who says that by doing so you will encounter someone better.

A pre-set structure of equipment

Although the rooms are equipped to some extent, you can’t change the structure of equipment that much. For example, if dorms provide you with a weak internet connection, then you can’t do anything about it.

A chance of having things stolen

Even this can happen. Unfortunately, due to the large quantity of students, it’s almost impossible to find the culprit.


Students often hold parties and stay awake all night, so you may not have an ideal time for sleeping and studying.

If you are a student and you wish to experience the so called “student’s life”, then try dorms for at least one term. You will not have much privacy but on the other hand you will have next to none responsibilities. Studying at university gives an additional financial burden, so financially wise, dorms are also an ideal option. If you don’t find a life at dormitory suitable, then you can also switch to a shared rental or rent an apartment.

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