How is the structure of Czech education? How does the whole process work? Which types of schools can we find here and how to prepare for exams? On these and many more questions you will find an answer in this article. 

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Why exactly so many students study in Czechia?

  • Availability – The Czech Republic is located at the center of Europe, so it’s convenient to travel from every corner of Europe.
  • A quality education – The education system is on a high level, not only in comparison with European countries, even on a world scale level.
  • A stability and safety  –Thanks to the location and politics, Czechia is a very safe country, hence students can rely on a stability of the system.
  • Low costs  – Public universities are for free (if you study in Czech that is), despite that, the quality is top notch. Students must only pay for an accommodation and essential needs, but the education is for free. In combination with high standards, Czechia is an ideal destination.

Which types of foreigners study in Czechia?

It’s a question that is difficult to answer. Unfortunately, there aren’t any statistics, which would state exact numbers of students. Many students study in Czech, so they are considered as local students. It’s because studying in Czech is for free. One thing is for certain: most foreign students come from Slovakia, which was a part of Czechoslovakia for decades. On top of that, Slovakian is very similar to Czech, therefore students don’t have to solve the issue called language barrier. In comparison to Slovakia, quality wise the local education system is more developed. Another large group of foreign students consist of Russian and Ukrainian people. For them, Czechia is easily accessable (in comparison to other European countries) and the language is also not a big issue. Nevertheless, students from around the globe travel to Prague’s universities in order to study, hence it’s not strange to meet many Asians and Africans there.


Most foreigners come here to study at the age of 18-26, so majority of them are university students. In Prague, there are many public and private universities, so always visit the websites of the specific school, where you will find everything you need to know regarding applications. If you have already picked a school and you are looking for an Accommodation, you may read our article regarding accommodation, where you will find everything necessary.

Largest Prague universities

  • VŠE – University of economics: the largest economics school in Czechia. Websites here.
  • ČVUT – Czech technical university: quality education, which the university provides to all students of all technical spheres. More information here.
  • VŠCHT – University of Chemistry and Technology: all students, who are interested in studying chemistry, biochemistry, chemical technologies and materials engineering can study at this university. More information can be found here.
  • UK – Charles University: The oldest Czech university, it has many faculties, even outside Prague. You can study medicine, law, philosophy, theology, pharmacy, nature science, pedagogy, social sciences, sport and humanity studies. Websites here.

Where will I have a quiet time for studying?

Without a doubt, for quality studying of some topics, making a seminar work and creating new projects, you will need a quiet place, even better with a fast internet connection. But where do I find such place?

  • Study rooms in school areas –Every university has study rooms, which are places adjusted for peaceful studying. You will find there not only tables and chairs but also various armchairs and pillows, which will make you comfortable. Internet connection is a must. Study rooms are often integrated with libraries, so you can use professional literature. In study rooms nobody will disturb you, however, be prepared, that in certain times, there may be large number of students, so you may not have a privacy. An access to study rooms is free for all students.
  • Cafés – You can find them right around every corner in Prague. Thanks to the peaceful and comfortable atmosphere, cafés are frequently sought by students, who are looking for these attributes. Unlike study rooms, cafés offer some privacy. You can make studying more enjoyable by buying a good coffee or a desert. You can’t just use cafés like that, you must buy at least some coffee or a desert.
  • Libraries – In Prague, there are a couple of public libraries, which are adjusted to student’s needs. Worth mentioning are for example Klementinum, city libraries or library of the academy of sciences. There are many more libraries than the ones above. Students, who need as much quiet as possible visit library. The atmosphere in combination with productive people only increases your concentration and productivity. Some areas are for free, otherwise you must pay a small fee (it’s possible to buy a yearly membership). 
  • Coworking centers – These spaces are not only for cooperating teams, who are doing their work, but also for individuals, who have an easy access. These places may feel inspiring, because students, freelancers etc. gather here. You can even reserve your own table, which will always be free at the designated time. Coworking areas are used primarily for work, so there are spacious tables, comfortable chairs, power sockets, computers, printers… Thanks to the adjustments, the coworking centers are not for free, but if you are looking for a long-term place for studying, then by using subscriptions, the prices will rapidly decrease.

The educational system in the Czech Republic

Are you in Czechia with your children and you need to find out, how the attendance works? If yes, then you are at the right place. You may encounter a pupil at the age of 3. If you attend public schools, the whole education is for free. On top of that, you will obtain many student sales and benefits.

  1. A kindergarten  –This school is for kids from 3 to 6-7 (It depends whether the kid will go to school or will have to wait 1 year). A kindergarten is kind of a pre-school that prepares children for the education. Children are being taught cooperation, majority of the time they play with other children and try to solve problems. Children are practicing skillfulness, patience and obedience. Kindergartens are obligatory for children from the age of five. 
  2. Elementary school The attendance is obligatory and it lasts nine years. In first years, children are learning basic knowledge like writing, reading and counting. As children advance higher, they perfect these skills and start to learn new subjects. The education is divided into primary school (1-5 grade) and lower secondary (6-9 grade). Students finish the Elementary school in around 15 years, thus the obligatory attendance ends. However, most of the students continue in the educational hierarchy.
  3. High school (gymnázium) –It’s a type of education, that provides the students with broader knowledge in all areas. Generally speaking, high schools are considered to be preparation schools for universities, but it’s not a rule. The education lasts four years and ends with a graduation exam, which is a test measuring your knowledge for the last four years. There are also high schools, that last eight years. You can apply for them after successfully finishing the primary school. Students, who are a bit more talented apply for these schools.
  4. Secondary school  – These schools are the continuation of elementary school. The only difference is that, they are more specific. They can focus for example on IT, economics, mechanical engineering etc. The learning lasts 3-4 years. In this category can also be included High schools (gymnáziums), because they also continue after elementary school.
  5. Vocational school  – Usually it’s a specifically oriented spheres, which even teaches students practical skills, which they will need during their profession. Students can learn various trades. The school ends with an exam, which tests your skills and knowledge. Vocational school attend students, who have finished elementary schools. 
  6. Universities – Universities require you to successfully finish elementary and one of the secondary educations + passing a entrance exams (some schools may not require them, but majority of them do). Universities are the highest level of education, which can be obtained in the Czech Republic. Students learn specialized knowledge, which is highly specific. After finishing a university, you will acquire a corresponding title (you can obtain more of them). You can also study from distance.
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