Flatsharing in Prague – a guide on shared rental

The price for living in a flat in Prague is rising and it is not always easy to find something great. If you are still studying, you can go to the dormitory, but this is not always the best option, so you only have one option left – to rent a flat (if you do not have many for your own apartment). Renting a flat may seem like an awesome option – privacy, peace, security and you are not very tied to anything. That’s all great, but there is one minor problem – the high amount you will often have to pay for the apartment. If you want to live in an acceptable location, in acceptable premises and with acceptable neighbors, you will have to pay extra money. Fortunately, you can solve the problem by dividing the amount between other people. It’s simple math, if the rent costs 18 thousand, you just need two friends and suddenly you pay 6 thousand a month…and that’s better.

Find it yourself or move in to someone?

Let’s say you have already decided you want to rent a flat, but you’d like to share the rent with someone. If you have willing friends, any acquaintances or recommendations, it will go smoothly. But let’s be honest, this is often a difficult task when you are new to Prague. So you are in a situation where you do not know anyone, but you still want to live in decent conditions with someone nice who will help you get used to Prague.

Although the rent is usually divided equally among roommates, there must always be someone who is in charge. The administration of the rent is not demanding at all, but it still requires some attention – someone has to collect the money and then pay monthly to the landlord. Someone also has to pay a deposit at the beginning, energy payments also cost something and most importantly, someone has to be responsible for the whole apartment. If something happens, and it can be right away, the tenant who has signed the contract with the landlord will be responsible for everything. So better think twice if you want to be the one doing it.

If you decide to take the path of responsibility, you will have to find someone who is renting an apartment, make a deposit and have funds for regular payments of rent, energy and internet connection and find a roommate.You will also be responsible for the apartment and if there is a problem, you will have to solve it. And what if your roommate somehow damages the apartment? Even then you are responsible! It is your responsibility to choose the right people, so choose carefully!

Despite all that, being the administrator of the apartment has one main advantage – you decide who you will live with and you have the right to expel a potential problematic roommate. However, if you are new to Prague, it will probably be a better choice to move in to someone, because you will not have to solve the fundamental problem of finding people, which you would otherwise have to solve. And that’s difficult if you do not know anyone (but not impossible, we will talk more about it).

How to find a flatshare in Prague?

If you have acquaintances looking for someone, you have already won. But let’s be honest, this doesn’t happen often, so you will have to look around for someone. There are several interesting websites that you must not forget to look at. One of the best platforms is Facebook, where you will find dozens and sometimes even hundreds of ads, so there is plenty to choose from. A huge advantage of these groups is the flexibility, where you can immediately contact the advertiser and ask for details or even arrange a tenure right away. At the same time, you will avoid paying fees that have to be paid on some web portals. On the other hand, not all ads in these facebook groups are relevant and not everything that is written here has to be true.

Among the main facebook groups belong:

The group is managed by the web portal ulovdomov.cz, which is also the provider of a website with housing advertisements.

Another of the groups managed by the ulovdomov.cz. This is the largest facebook group with the theme of housing and shared tenure in Prague.

One of the most active groups (often even the most active group) in terms of the number of ads.

For several years now, you will find many offers of roommates here daily. But that’s normal in such a large group.

Among the main facebook pages in English are:

A group of several tens of thousands of members, which mainly consist of foreigners. If you are looking for an expat roommate, you will probably find him/her here.

The most active group in terms of daily updates.

There are many more Facebook groups, but these were the largest and most active ones. Feel free to look into other groups as well, you have nothing to lose.

And how is it with websites?

Some websites may ask for a small charge, but usually only for advertisers. The advantage of websites is the relevance of advertisements and filtering, which you will not find on Facebook. You can choose the type of property, location, price or even the layout of the apartment.

The website is not only about shared tenure, you will also find classic tenure offers here. This is not a problem, when filtering, simply select “to share” and other parameters. You can use the site in both Czech and English. It will not be a problem to find your way in this intuitive web platform.

This is one of the most visited sites regarding housing advertising. The website is designed for all types of rentals, including shared tenure. The website is available in Czech, English and Russian.

There are many more websites, however with the ones above, you have the highest possibility of succeeding. 

Advantages and disadvantages of flatsharing in Prague

The price

It is clear that the rental price will fall rapidly after the split. If you find good roommates and choose an adequate apartment, you will get great housing, which, for example, cannot be compared with a dormitory in terms of quality (if you are very skilled, it will cost you the same price).


When you are starting out in a new city, it’s nice to have someone who knows that place. An experienced co-tenant can be a great support when you need advice, and can also lend you some things before you buy them yourself. But it all depends on the agreements.


No paperwork required, agreement between roommates is often verbal. You will save a lot of worries and you can move in with the consent of the administrator almost immediately.

The apartments are equipped

Your room does not have to be equipped, but the kitchen is mostly equipped, energy is solved and internet connection as well. Just unpack your belongings and you can live there.

Unsuitable roommates

This is unfortunately a fact that you have to reckon with. Even people who are serious at the beginning can turn out to be bad guys. In that case, your dream home can turn into a nightmare - but don't worry, it rarely happens. Shared living is always in the interest of all participants and no one wants to argue, so people automatically tend to deal with things by agreement and satisfy each other.

Different daily regine

Some are morning birds and some are night owls, but it is important to get along together. If someone wants to go to sleep, but you have the energy to spare, respect that and do not play loud music. This applies both ways; be calm in the morning while others are still asleep. Roommates do not always tolerate each other in this sense, so be prepared.

Is shared rental really the best option?

If you choose this method at the right time, then yes. By the right time we mean, for example, when you do not want to live in the dormitory at any cost and are looking for a quiet living for a similar or slightly higher price. You will appreciate shared tenure even when you have recently moved to Prague, for example for work, and you need to get used to living here and have someone who knows the city. Maybe you already have great friends in Prague and you want to spend time by their side…this is actually one of the best options in a shared tenure. Whichever reason you have, keep these basic things in mind:

What should you look out for and what should you keep in mind?

Have enough money available

Pay the person in charge of the apartment on time to save yourself the trouble. The administrator must always pay the rent and if he does not receive the agreed amount from you, he must pay it on his own. This can often end your shared tenure and you will have to look for housing elsewhere. The administrators should think about the financial reserves even more. They should have enough money to pay for unreliable roommates.

If you are a student, look for the apartment on time

Everyone is looking for a place in September, so it may be difficult for you to find an apartment. Therefore, you should look after housing in advance.

Be quick and trustworthy, there is a shortage of housing

There is a huge interest in good housing in a great location. Dozens of interested people can respond on a day old advertisement on Facebook. Therefore, try to be serious and be reliable, but do not make up things. Shared tenure is a personal matter, so be open to avoid unnecessary complications in the future.

Don't say yes to shared tenures at all costs

It may sound strange, but sometimes there are so many interested people that you can't choose much from. Even so, don't be afraid to say no, keep in mind that future roommates will often have access to your private belongings, that you will share common areas, etc.

Are you an administrator? Get the consent of the property owner first

This is important, because if you offer an apartment behind the owner's back, it will not bring anything good. Some people won't have a problem with that, but others might. You will practically rent an already rented apartment, sometimes with an additional commission, and not everyone has to like it. Please respect that.

An advice at the end

It is not always possible to find the right housing and even if you find it, sooner or later there will come a time when you will have to leave it. Don’t be afraid to make a change, you will often be pleasantly surprised. Living in Prague is sometimes difficult, so don’t be afraid to contact us and text us. We will be happy to advise you and direct you to your dream home. 🙂

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