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There is a saying “Food connects nations”. Surely, it holds some truth in it. There is a certain number of Czech meals that you can’t miss when staying in Prague. If you intend on staying in Prague for a longer period of time, you will probably not visit a local restaurant every single day, but rather make your own meals or find other solutions. This section will target these situations. We wish you a pleasant reading!

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As tourists, you will definitely want to try out Czech cuisine. However, your gastronomy experience doesn’t have to end just there. Beside the Czech cuisine, there are also lots of Italian, Vietnamese, Indian, French and many other cuisines present therefore, it’s not a problem finding a cuisine that suits your tastes.

Gourmet experiences

Excellent cooks make sure that the food is delicious. On top of that, there is also a wide range of meals to choose from. Because the food reflects the quality of the restaurant, there is a high demand for outstanding cooks.

A pleasant environment

Filling our stomachs aside, we also visit restaurants for the exquisite unique atmosphere it offers. To satisfy these requirements, the restaurants are often very clean, tidy and full of decorations.

The quality of ingredients

Quality meals have to be made out of quality ingredients, therefore you don’t have to worry about the lack of fresh ingredients (Unfortunately, exceptions can also be found, but those are only rare cases).

The serving

Sharp cutlery, napkins and various seasonings…all of these and more should be available in a quality restaurant.

Appropriate behavior of personnel

Waiters and waitresses will surely help you out. Therefore, it’s a courtesy to give them a tip.

High prices

Excellent cooks, fresh ingredients and a lovely atmosphere…these things are not cheap. Thus, be prepared, that a high-class dinner in a top restaurant will cost a lot of money.

Formal environment

In certain cases, it’s a positive thing. However, if you wish to talk with your friends about informal themes, joke around and get all excited, restaurants are not the best fit. Other customers are certainly not interested in your stories.

The waiting time for meals

It takes time to make an excellent meal. In addition, you are not alone in the restaurant, so waiting for a while may be a unavoidable.

What are typical Czech meals in the restaurant?

Czech cuisine is a part of a Central Europe cuisine, which is typical for a three courses menu: a soup, main dish and a compote or a vegetable salad. Soups are served very dense, full of vegetables, potatoes and often added with mushrooms. As for the main dish, the food served is very satiated and mostly accompanied by cream or vegetable sauces. Most of the meals also include meat, mainly chicken, pork or beef meat, but you can also find a meat of wood animals. The main side dishes are potatoes or dumplings. In Czech cuisine, you can also encounter pies, which are decorated by poppies or filled with plum jam. Many baked goods originated from the Czech Republic and are consumed by citizens on daily basis.

Roasted sirloin with sauce

Roast sirloin in sour cream sauce

To put it simply, it is a vegetable sauce, however the whole recipe is a lot more complicated. During the preparation process, you ought to add carrot, celery, parsley etc. to the sauce. Specially made meat combined with the sauce give off a unique taste. As a side dish, usually Czech dumplings are served. As a finale are considered cranberries, which highlight the sauce’s aroma.

Schnitzel with a potato salad

Everyone is in love with this food, even small children beg their parents for seconds. And it's no wonder. Schnitzel is either from chicken or pork meat, enveloped in breadcrumbs, eggs and flour. Afterwards, the meat is being fried on a pan and then served usually with a potato salad. A salad is a mix of potatoes, vegetables and other ingredients. Every cook prepares the meal slightly differently. The meal may sound a bit primitive at first, however this combination is impeccable.

Goulash with dumplings


Goulash is a sauce with beef, pork or chicken meat, which is usually served with dumplings. However, goulash tastes delicious even with rice or pasta. The sauce consists of onion, garlic, paprika, caraway seeds, pepper, marjoram and flour.

Fruit dumplings

Fruit dumplings

Fruit dumplings? This combination may sound weird, however you have to give it a try. The insides of the dumplings are filled with strawberry, blueberry, plum, apricot and even plum jam fillings. Dumplings then are sprinkled with grated curd, sugar and a bit of heated butter.

Roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut

Roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut

The name itself gives off what it's made of. The ingredients needed to make the meal: dumplings, pork and sauerkraut. Some people enjoy this food, others not so much, but the fact is, that this food has been prepared for hundreds of years, therefore, you should also give it a try.

Fried cheese

The preparation and serving of this meal is similar to schnitzel. The only difference is that instead of meat, you have a cheese. Most of the times, the fried cheese is served with French fries or potatoes. In addition to this, if you order a vegetable salad, you will experience a unique taste.

Dill sauce

Dill sauce

Dill sauce is a light-colored sauce, which is full of dill. In addition to dill, there are numerous ingredients, which are specific for this meal and in combination with dill, it offers an exceptional taste. Sometimes, eggs are added for the extra flavor. The food is served with dumplings.


Entertainment, beer, goulash and unique atmosphere, these words perfectly describe pubs. Although the pubs in the Czech Republic have been around for hundreds of years, since medieval times there hasn’t been much of a change. An inseparable part of the pub is beer, yes, the one and only Czech beer. Pubs have always been the place where men (and rarely women) gathered after their exhausting day in a job. It’s a Czech custom, that is gradually declining, however villages still uphold to that custom. Then how is a pub different from a restaurant you ask? The environment is informal. You are free to wear whatever you like and talk the way you like. You can visit a pub with the intention of watching a sport’s event, as pubs have TV available and local habitues gather to watch that event. Most events are centered around football and ice hockey. Czech meals are usually served such as goulash, sausages and tripe soup.

Informal environment

It doesn’t matter what you wear, how you talk and how you behave (no extremes). Nobody will mind if you are a bit noisy, in fact, it creates a unique atmosphere.

You will come to think about something else

Thanks to the atmosphere in the pub, you will come to momentarily forget your worries and problems. Half a liter of beer will also do you some good.

Acceptable prices

The prices here are lower than in the restaurant.

Untidy and messy

There is certainly an exception to everything, however, most of the pubs are decorated with an old furniture and the place may be messy. People usually pay it no mind, as the reasons for visiting the pub are definitely not because it’s clean and tidy.

Uncultured behavior

Generally speaking, visitors are cheerful and optimistic people. The problem occurs when they overdo it with the alcohol and lose their restrains. This may lead to inappropriate behavior.

Pubs are a unique place because of its characteristic attributes and habitues. Definitely give it a try, you might come to like it and start visiting it more often.


A canteen is a place, where they mass serve the food for a larger number of people. Every week, the canteen writes down which meals are served on which day. If you are interested, you opt in for your desired meal. Canteens serve food for hundreds of people on daily basis, so it might somehow resemble a “factory” for meals. When you enter the canteen, you pay for the meal and then you take your plate and cutlery and continue to queue up for the meal. A cook will then give you a meal. Sometimes, the whole system is self-service, and you can choose whatever you like and then pay for it. A lot of meals are from Czech cuisine, therefore as a foreigner you have a chance to try out a Czech meal. Typical canteens are school canteens, however there are also a lot of public canteens, which you can visit. Moreover, some canteens are available for the public to enter as well. The food quality is not as top grade as somewhere else but financially wise, it is the best option.

Low prices

Thanks to the mass production, the food is cheap. On top of that, you can also opt for seconds without additional payments.

Quickly prepared meals

After entering the canteen, you will have your meal in a couple of minutes. The only thing that might slow you down is a waiting queue, however this all depends on the number of people and the lunch times.

Informal environment

It doesn’t matter what you are wearing because everyone can visit a canteen.

Good locations

Canteens are usually in the vicinity of the locations of interest. School canteens are nearby schools. Other dining halls are close to factories or crowded streets.

The lack of privacy

When eating, some people prefer privacy. Unfortunately, dining halls can’t offer that. Most of the time, the tables and chairs are all cramped up together so many people could fit in and therefore, everyone can see everyone’s dishes.

Grumpy personnel

It is not our intention to lump everyone into the same sack, but the truth is, that due to the everyday stereotypical job, the cooks are grumpy. However, it’s not a rule.

A small menu

Dining halls usually offer 3 to 5 meals to choose from. This is incomparable to restaurants and fastfoods.

The canteens prioritize satisfying as many people as possible. The whole process is adjusted to meet this requirement. In order to obtain food within a couple of minutes for a low price, you have to let go of your privacy. If you are busy, finding a quality canteen in your vicinity will save you a lot of trouble. 


Fast foods, as the name suggests, really uphold to that name. The meal you order is prepared within a couple of minutes. If you want, you can take the food with you and eat it whenever you want. Fastfoods usually offer variations of meats with French fries, pasta, rice or noodles as a side dish. These are the most common meals, the variety of food is larger. Fastfoods are popular because not only the meals are prepared quickly, but they also taste delicious.

Fast foods

As we have mentioned above, the food is ready in a matter of minutes.

Meals as take out

If you are in a hurry getting to the job or to school, you will surely appreciate this option of taking the food with you. The only thing to take into account is the additional cost for the wrapping.

Low Prices

The prices for the meals are great considering the services. Generally speaking, The prices in fastfoods are acceptable.


Fastfoods are around every corner, especially in the center.

The quality of meals

Fastfoods are known for its not so healthy meals. An oil is a part of almost everything, therefore the food is not so wholesome. On the other hand, it is tasty.

Low hygiene standards

Some fastfoods don’t really give a second thought to hygiene standards.

Unclean and messy

The fastfood seats are not the cleanest. Truth to be told, you will usually come across some leftover food on tables. Even though the personnel is trying to take care of it, people are not being thoughtful and often leave mess after them.

The incredible popularity is caused by the swift preparation of food and its tastiness. A lot of people are daily in a rush, so this option is convenient.

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