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It doesn‘t matter whether you are staying here only as a tourist or you are planning to stay here for a longer while, the Czech Republic is a very safe country. Nevertheless, there are times when a person is in need for a health care. In those cases, we will help you how to respond accordingly. We will also explain how the health insurance and hospital here works.

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Facts about health care in the Czech Republic

  • The health care is on an advanced level – In comparison to the other countries of EU, the Czech Republic’s health care is considered to be on a high level. There are many specialized experts, who are both knowledgeable and experienced. The equipment here also doesn’t fall behind the staff.

  • In most cases, the health care is for free – If you are paying a health insurance, then the insurance company covers all the costs. The only things the insurance company doesn’t cover are above-standard services and some fees.
  • Free choice of a doctor – Every patient has a right of choosing a doctor.
  • The funding to quality ratio  – Although the government doesn’t invest much money into health care sector, the quality is exceptionally great. This statement is also verified by various researches, which rank the Czech Republic’s health care in top brackets (In comparison to other countries of EU).
  • Health statement – Every patient has a right to obtain his health statement, whether it’s from a doctor, or an insurance company.
  • The availability of doctors  – The availability of doctors is also extraordinarily great. Although you have to wait in a waiting room for a while, you don’t have to worry about your waiting ending up being in vain.
  • Specialization – For every one of your problems, the solution will be found. In Prague, there are many specialized clinics, which are ready to help you. (More information about hospitals is below)

A list of insurance companies

I am in Prague as a tourist

If you plan on visiting the Czech Republic only as a tourist, then a travel insurance is enough. For obtaining it, you can contact various insurance companies. There is plenty to choose from. If your country is a member of EU, you will be provided with a necessary treatment of an injury or a disease as long as you have European health insurance card (EHIC). The health care will be available even without any insurance, however you have to be prepared to cover all the costs.

Permanent residence

Every citizen having a permanent residence in the Czech Republic is obligated to pay health insurance. Your employer will pay it in your steed. In case you are a freelancer (OSVČ in Czech) or a person with an untaxed income (OBZP in Czech), you have to pay it by yourself. Health insurance is applicable since birth and ceases to exist when a person dies, or his permanent residence terminates.

Without Permanent residence

If you are employed by an employer, which has a permanent residence in the Czech Republic, you are allowed to be a part of a health insurance of Czech Republic (be careful, if you lose your job, this statement is no longer true). A health care is also available to citizens (and their relatives) of countries, which belong to EU, so if you are paying a health insurance in a country belonging to EU, then you have a right for health care. If you are not employed here, you will need a visa, where one of the requirements for obtaining it is a proof of having a paid health insurance.

I am in Prague as a student

If you had decided on visiting the Czech Republic as a student, you will surely be in need for a health insurance. The prices differ depending on a length of your study and services of the health care. If we consider 90 days stay or less as a short term, then a long term is considered 91 days stay or more. Regarding the short-term stay, hypothetically speaking, you will be fine if you choose an insurance, that covers more serious illnesses, injuries and hospitalization. However, you must consider the fact, that anything beyond necessity will not be covered by an insurance. Another option is to choose a more complex insurance, which will take care of everything. In other words, a basic insurance is useful only when you are in an emergency for help. For a long-term stay, a complex insurance is almost a necessity, especially if you are requesting a visa for a long-term study, then the complex insurance is an absolute need.

Here are some examples of insurance companies, which you could find helpful. Unfortunately, we couldn’t provide you with more specific information because the prices and services are rapidly changing. Also a country where you came from plays an important role.

What should I do in case I have health problems?

Cold and other minor illnesses

If you have a cold, a high temperature or are coughing etc. then depending on the severity, you could consider these options.

  • I can cure myself  – Visit a pharmacy and ask a staff for help. The staff is highly educated and will surely help you out.
  • I’d rather have a check-up  – In that case, visit a general practitioner (generally you don’t need an appointment), and he will guide you on what to do next.

Serious health problems

Do you not feel well, or did your condition rapidly worsened? Don’t wait and look for help as soon as possible.

  • I have a way to get to the hospital  – I have someone, who will swiftly take me to the nearest hospital. It is also possible to dial an ambulance. However, if your condition isn’t that serious, then try to arrive in your own accord. (It is possible that there is a severe accident and so you should call 155 ambulance as a last resort.)                                      
  • I am in a really bad condition  – In that case, don’t hesitate, quickly dial a number 155 and wait for an arrival of the ambulance. Dispatcher will support you, listen carefully to what they say and follow their instructions and recommendations. It will most certainly help you.

Traffic accident or any severe injuries

Unfortunately, these incidents also occur, whether it happens to you or someone else, act quickly and decisively.

  • Injuries that directly threaten your health (or someone elses) – In case of such dangerous situations, find a safe place as quickly as possible. After that, immediately call number 155. The ambulance will arrive within a couple of minutes. During that time, carefully follow their instructions. Most likely, you will have to provide first aid. Don’t waver and act. The dispatchers will guide you and support you. Keep in mind, that your decisions can dramatically change their fate. Also according to the law, not providing a first aid is a crime. Upon the arrival of the medics, they will have known the situation, but in any case, be ready to answer their questions. It will certainly be tough, but try to keep as calm and collected as possible.
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Health care

It doesn‘t matter whether you are staying here only as a tourist or you are planning to stay here for a longer while, the Czech Republic is a very safe country. Nevertheless, there are times when a person is in need for a health care. In those cases, we will help you how to...

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