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Mobile network operators

In Czech Republic, there are only three mobile network companies- 02, T-Mobile and Vodafone. They have been on the market for quite some time and their prices have always correlated with each other. This all changed with the arrival of new technologies, which were further developed by the companies. Nowadays, there is a certain competition among mobile network providers and each of them is walking a slightly different path. Operators also offer services for businessmen, companies and public administration. The whole mobile network is highly functional, because it covers most of the Czech territory (only some uninhabited areas are not covered, but that’s more of an exception).

Which services do the operators offer?

  • Unlimited calling and unlimited SMS are a basic feature in most tariffs
  • The main deciding factor in tariffs is the amount of data you can get. They are either limited or unlimited. When opting for unlimited data, pay close attention to their speed, because when you are offered unlimited data, they are usually slow.
  • There are also lots of family tariffs, typically for 3-5 family members. Family tariffs are financially acceptable.
  • You will also be able to find student tariffs, where you have to confirm that you are a student. Either an ISIC card or a certificate of study should be enough (first check which type they require).
  • Sometimes, you may obtain a discount on a mobile phone as a part of a tariff, but there are usually additional conditions. For example, a typical condition is a duration of a tariff, therefore, you have to carefully read the conditions.
  • Some tariffs also include bonuses such as Spotify premium.
  • Free calling in EU territory is typically a part of most tariffs.


Since 2006, this company can be seen right around every corner of Czech Republic. There are over 150 branch offices, where you can get a tariff, which perfectly fits your requirements. Calling and data offers aside, a part of their products are also focused on internet connection. Another unique service is 02 TV. This digital television has a lot of functions, which the most outstanding one would be back view, which allows you to rewatch any TV program (up to 7 days back). Lot’s of people use their live sport airing services. For others, O2 also offers business and company tariffs.

Websites are available here  ♦   List of tariffs is here  ♦   A map of stores is listed here  ♦   A contact website with necessary information can be found here

O2 logo


Vodafone is one of the world’s largest company operators, which operate in Czech since 2006. Currently, there are over 120 branch offices across the whole country. Vodafone not only offers mobile network services, but also offers unlimited wired internet connection. If you are doing business, then you will definitely appreciate the products, which Vodafone has prepared for you. Another admirable deed are joint projects, which Vodafone is taking a part in.

Websites are available here  ♦   List of tariffs is here  ♦   A map of stores is listed here  ♦   A contact website with necessary information can be found here

Vodafone Logo


This mobile network operator, which conducts business in multiple countries, will also add more options for you to consider. Thanks to the large number of branch offices, you can also acquire more information by visiting one of them. In addition to a tariff, you have an option of downloading an app, where you have an overview of your products.

Websites are available here  ♦   List of tariffs is here  ♦    A map of stores is listed here  ♦   A contact website with necessary information can be found here

T mobile Logo


In today’s society, we can’t even imagine a life without the internet, but how does it work in Prague? It depends on your location, however generally speaking, internet connection in Prague is on a relatively decent level. First let’s take a closer look at how it works in schools, then public places and lastly we will break down the internet connection in households.

Internet for students

If you are studying in Prague, then you won’t have much trouble with the internet, because there is an Eduroam connection, which covers nearly all universities. This infrastructure is provided only to specific schools, therefore, to ensure your connection, you have to follow the guides of each school. This system makes sure, that only students are allowed to connect to this network.

  1. First, click on this link.
  2. A map that covers all the schools with eduroam will appear. Click on your school.
  3. After selecting your school, specific technical parameters will emerge but for you, the most important thing is the link (under the technical parameters), which will redirect you to the school’s websites.
  4. These websites will provide you with a detailed guide on how to connect.
  5. If a problem arises, you should contact the school support, which will help you solve the problems.

The Eduroam connection is considerably fast, therefore you won’t struggle downloading documents or watching videos. Eduroam is also present on many dormitories. If a dormitory lacks Eduroam, they will provide you with another type of connection.

Universities are aware of the importance of internet connection, thus it’s a standard to have one.

Internet in public areas

Unfortunately, there aren’t any wide-range internet infrastructures present in Prague at this moment. There have been some plans, but none of these were efficient enough to work. In the end, the Prague’s municipality left this issue to the individuals. If you visit cafes, restaurants, fast foods, libraries, authorities, hospitals, shopping centres…then you will surely be able to connect freely. The business managers are well aware of the importance of the internet connection. A free wifi is also available in public areas. A perfect example would be the Main train station.

What are the problems regarding the public internet connection?

At first glance, a free wifi may sound attractive, but don’t be fooled. As the name suggests, everyone is free to connect to the wifi whenever they wish, therefore the wifi is to a certain extent, not reclused and safe. Connecting to the wifi, you expose your personal information to a potential threat because it’s not hard for hackers to steal your information. So think twice before connecting to such wifis. A safer option would be mobile data, which you can read more detailed information about in the previous article about mobile network operators. Also keep in mind, that you don’t have a right to connect to the public wifi without using their services. An ideal situation would be buying a coffee, a cake…then you will have a right to connect to their internet (by using their services you get their permission). The truth is, that by signing in to their wifi without their permission, you are using their data capacity without any rights, in other words it’s illegal.

Internet in households

For many of you, the most common place, where you will use your wifi is home. In Prague, there are many providers, which would offer you a stable connection and wifi. One of the options on how to connect would be the usage of mobile data. Some providers offer unlimited mobile data tariffs, which you can also use at home. By taking advantage of the hotspot on your mobile phone, you can connect your notebook to internet. Another option is to buy a tariff with portable data. You will acquire a modem and by plugging it into the socket, you will activate it. It’s probably the most efficient method when you are travelling a lot as you can easily take it with you. Each tariff is limited by the amount of data, but the speed of every tariff is rather fast. One of the best options would probably be wired connection. This type of connection allows you to have unlimited data, it’s fast and on top of that, relatively cheap (in comparison to data). If you want to choose this option, you have to make sure that the provider also operates in the area around your address. If yes, then paying for the service is enough and a technician will activate it. You will also usually obtain a wifi router, which is connected to the internet, therefore you can connect either via a cable or your secured wifi network.

How to choose an ideal connection?

  • Think about how much and how often you use internet connection
  • It is also important to consider how often you travel, because if you don’t have a permanent address or you are not home often, then a wired connection may not be the best option.
  • Another important factor is your address. Always make sure that the provider operates in the area of your address.
  • Providing a connection in older houses might be a problem, because they are not adjusted to have an internet connection. For example, thick walls will block the signal, therefore you should ask your provider for an advice.
  • How many people will use the internet? You have to keep in mind that every additional device that is connected will slow down the whole network.

Which provider should you choose in Prague?

There are lots of internet providers, some of them are better than the others. Everything starts with your location. Always ask first whether the company operates in your area or not. The price and the connection speed are very peculiar, therefore we are not able to give you any specific numbers. If you are moving into a flat as a tenant, you can ask the landlord and he will surely give you some recommendations. You can also take a look at our list of the largest and most popular providers. Please take this list only as an inspiration. Everyone has different requirements, thus it’s impossible to point a finger at who is the best provider. It is also possible that smaller companies will fulfill your requirements.

  • O2, Vodafone, T-mobile – all of them also offer internet connection services. They operate across the whole Czech Republic.
  • UPC – One of the best and largest internet connection provider. UPC also liaises with Vodafone.
  • Airwaynet – This company focuses only on Prague and its vicinity, hence you could say, that they are experts in that location.
  • Internetpraha – Another company, which operates in Prague. The company is proud of their guarantee of lowest prices.
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