Main train station – don’t be caught off guard among 100 000 travelers arriving daily

Do you wish to know how to travel once you arrive to the main train station? What to do when you have to wait for a long time at the train station? What should you look out for? Don’t be caught off guard once you get there by the lack of information.

With around 100 000 travelers arriving and departing here, the Main train station is the largest personal train station in the Czech Republic, which can be found in the very center of Prague. Every day, countless national and international trains arrive and depart from this station. Among them, many trains end their travels precisely here. The whole train station itself is very unique, because the building is the largest Art Nouveau building in Czechia, which is why the building is included on the list of protected cultural monuments. It’s also worth mentioning that the Main train station is surrounded by park Vrchlického Sady, but we will talk more about this place later in the article, unfortunately, not in a great light.

How to find your way around the Main train station in Prague

Despite being rather large, you will get used to the Main train station very quickly. The first thing most of the people are looking for are timetables. There are two large timetables – the first one can be found in front of the passage leading to each respective platform. The second one is hanging from the ceiling in front of the ticket offices. Speaking of the ticket offices, you can locate them below the floor with public piano. In front of the Northern passage leading to the platforms, you can also find a storage where you can leave your luggage for several hours and go discover the train station. And if you need to buy some necessities, you can visit a small supermarket nearby the entrance to the underground.

I arrived at the Main train station, how shall I travel next?

Once you arrive, you have several options, which you can consider using – tram, metro, or buses. For these, you will have to buy a ticket. Luckily, you can find a counter right inside the train station nearby the entrance, or you can purchase it via ticket machines, which can be found nearby the counters. The prices depend on how long they last, for example 30 mins cost 24 kč, 90 mins cost 32 kč, 24 hours cost 110 kč, and so on. More information can be found on the website with fares. You can also use cards at most counters and ticket machines. Don’t worry about the type of ticket you need to buy. Both metro and tram, and even buses use the same tickets; the only important criteria is the expiration time.

If you are wondering, where to find the respective public transports, then we can lend you a hand with it:

  1. The metro can be found directly under the main train station. Look for the entrance nearby the ticket machines. 
  2. If you need to take a tram, you will have to walk through the park Vrchlického Sady to arrive at the “Hlavní nádraží” tram stop. 
  3. As for the bus stop, you have to look for the stairs leading up. They are nearby entrance doors to the train station. 

If you are not sure how to get to your desired location, look at the google maps and there you can find a route. There is also an option of using taxi, which wait in front of the Main train station nearby the parking lot or on the sides of the Main train station. Nevertheless, the cheapest way to travel is probably by public transport.

What to do if I have to wait for a long time at the train station?

Nobody likes waiting for hours and hours without doing anything at all, we all have been there. So what can you do there? Probably the most obvious thing to do is look around the stores, which are plenty of them there. Here is a list of all shops at the Main train station. Another option is to sit down and relax, but usually this is also rather difficult, because all coffee shops, as well as seats and benches are filled with people. You may try one of their waiting rooms at the Main train station, where you can find comfortable chairs, tables, plugs, and many more convenient things. To get inside there, you will need to have a purchased train ticket. Also keep in mind that the waiting rooms have opening hours, so you can’t always enter. Aside these two options, you can also use a public piano, which has been through alot and isn’t brand new. Nevertheless, it’s a nice addition to the list for all music enthusiasts. If you have more time, you may consider taking a stroll around Wenceslas square, which is only a couple of minutes from the Main train station and get some fresh air. All these options will decrease some of your waiting time, so feel free to try them out!

What should you look out for?

First thing you should be careful about is the park Vrchlického Sady itself, or more precisely, the people staying there. Most of the time, homeless people stay there and behave rather…inappropriately. Nonetheless, most of the time they don’t care about passerbys, and on top of that, security is always keeping them in check, so there is nothing to be worried about.
Another thing you should look out for are ATMs at the train station, because sometimes they offer unfavorable exchange rates. We recommend you go further to the city center to exchange money, however if you need to exchange it at the train station, then don’t forget to use your bank’s exchange rates (left button).

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