The National Library of Technology – make use of numerous benefits provided by the library to students

National Library of Technology (often called only as NTK) – a name which almost every student in Prague has heard at least once. What other services does the library offer aside from lending books? And how is it with various reservations and is it even worth it to register here? Numerous questions can be asked and not only will we answer these and many more questions, but we will also show you how convenient are the library’s services.

The National Library of Technology is the largest library in the Czech Republic with technical literature. The building can be found in the Dejvice campus nearby CTU and UCT universities in Prague 6, which is why the library is usually filled mainly with students and occasionally some professors. This statement especially holds true during the exam period, where you can’t literally find a free chair to sit.

The whole building consists of nine floors, where three of them are underground and are reserved for parking. As for the upper six floors, all of them are used as a library or a study place.

The interior features a modern concrete design with colorful floors, countless tables, chairs and sofas, and numerous glazed study rooms, both for individuals, as well as groups of people. You can also find computers stationed on the third and sixth floor, which are quiet zones. On some stairs and walls are written various physics and mathematics measurements to make it more unique and friendly at the same time.

How can I register?

NTK offers numerous convenient features, however without a registration card you can’t use the majority of them, so it’s necessary to make one. To do that, you will need to follow these couple steps:

  1. Visit a second floor of the library where the staff will make a registration for you
  2. Bring an ID (or European ID, visa, passport) with you, foreigners will also need to bring a proof of address with them (residence permit, valid lease or dormitory card)
  3. Pay a fee (“non-students” pay 100 kč for a year or 50 kč for 6 months, students have 50% discount)
  4. Have a chip card with you (ISIC, ITIC, “lítačka” etc.). If you don’t have a card, the staff will make one for you for 200 kč. 

If you want to save some time during the registration process, fill in a pre-registration form and take it with you. Now that you have it, you can enjoy the benefits of the library to the fullest!

Which services does NTK provide?

As it’s a library, you can of course borrow books from there. You will have to find your desired book in the catalog of the National library and order it. Then you will get an email once you can pick up the book from the library. You can borrow a book for 28 days and up to 15 books a time.

Another popular feature are group study rooms (or conference rooms), which can be reserved via your NTK account online. These rooms can be rented for 400 kč per hour and have a capacity of 8-10 people.

If you want to study alone, you can also use the option of leasing an individual study room for 2000kč per one school term. Then you can study there whenever you want and the whole room is only for your use. To get it, you will need to fill in a form at the beginning of the term.

You can also study there at night in the night study room, which is open from 8pm-8am when the library is closed (10am on the weekend). You can find it on the ground floor near the entrance door NTK 3. Entering it doesn’t require making a reservation or paying any sort of fee, only the chip card, which you normally use. However, the capacity is limited to 62 people, therefore it’s not for certain you will find a seat there.
For the majority of services you will need the chip card, however, you can freely enter the library and study there even without registering. Thanks to this, you can encounter students from various universities and institutes.

And how is it with parking in the NTK?

As we have mentioned above, NTK also has underground parking lots. These parking lots are monitored and can be used both for short-term as well as long-term parking. The pricing differs depending on the current time. You can also make a reservation for a parking slot to be sure that you will always find a free place.

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