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You don’t want to be cramped in stores or are you busy? Shopping can be a piece of cake, especially if you are doing it from your home via a computer or a mobile phone. Online shopping is easy therefore everyone can do it. With many pros, there are also many cons, so to make things clearer, let’s take a look at this whole theme in a more detailed approach.

Table of contents of online shopping
Purchasing things from anywhere

You don’t have to travel anywhere because you can buy things from wherever you are right now. Not only it is more convenient, it also saves lots of time and energy.

A wide range of goods

You will hardly find as many goods in stores as on the E-shops.

The speed of purchasing goods

You don’t have to run around the store to look for the things you want to buy. On E-shops, a couple of clicks will do the trick for you.

Product descriptions

Products are usually described, so you will get to know a lot of information, including photos, videos, reviews etc.

The price of the products

The prices of the products are usually cheaper than in the stores. It’s caused by the fact, that running a store requires additional costs, such as energies, staff, lease and therefore, the final prices for the products have to be a bit higher.

Delivery time

Generally speaking, when you pay for goods in stores, you will get the items immediately. Buying things via E-shops however may usually take 2 to 3 days before the delivery service delivers the products to your address.


Packaging and sending the products cost something, therefore most of the time you will have to pay a postage (usually around 80-150 kč). Lots of E-shops have postage for free if you meet certain requirements (for example a purchase above a specific amount).

Products can’t be physically checked

Because of this, there may rise an issue where the products won’t fit you or you will even receive damaged goods. Fortunately, packages can be refunded within 14 days without stating a reason.

Fraudulent websites

Although it’s more of an exception, you may also encounter fraudulent websites, which offer favorable proposals and products for low prices. In the end, you only lose money and get nothing in return. To avoid these scenarios, try to look up some information before ordering something.

How to proceed when ordering a product?

  1. Find an e-shop  – Type in the type of goods you are looking for on the internet searching engine and countless of websites will appear. Then choose the web you find to be the best.
  2. Look for a specific product  – To make browsing easier, you may use various filters either on the websites or on the internet searching engine.
  3. Acquire more information about the product  – If you found your desired product, then take a look at the parameters, photos and videos. Also look at the reviews, which are from the previous buyers. 
  4. Product fits my needs  – In that case, place the product into the basket. Then you can take a look at other products and proceed the same way.
  5. Finishing an order  – To finish your order, go to the basket once more and follow the instructions. First, double check the basket and make sure, that you have the products you want. Afterwards, fill in your name, mailing address, email and phone number. Lastly, Pay for the products. 
  6. Paying the order  – Most E-shops offer multiple payment methods: by card, payment on delivery, PPL, DPD, bank transfer….
  7. Waiting for a package  – E-shops will periodically inform you about the package delivery status, usually by an email. Follow the instructions, your order will arrive soon. 

What should I do if a problem occurs?

Withdrawal from a purchase contract

Every product that has been bought online, can be refunded within 14 days without stating a reason. This law was created mainly for the protection of a customer, who can’t inspect the product before purchasing it.

  • It is necessary to return the goods directly to the seller within 14 days after buying it
  • The product has to be returned in original packaging
  • Accessories have to be returned with the product
  • If an e-shop also has a store, you can return it there
  • Delivery costs are usually paid by you (you have to take a look at terms and conditions of an e-shop)
  • Not everything can be returned, for example custom made goods, certain food, used hygiene supplies etc.
  • You will receive the money within 14 days from the time the seller obtains the goods

Complaints of damaged goods

Nobody wishes to have his ordered goods damaged, unfortunately, this can also happen. Every fault found on the product allows you to refund it within 24 months (the period can differ depending on terms and conditions of each e-shop).

  • If your goods have been damaged during the complaint period, you have a right to claim the goods
  • The product must not be damaged by you, the fault must lie in the product
  • Claim the good immediately after detecting a fault
  • Damaged goods don’t need to be returned in an original packaging
  • If an e-shop has stores, then you can claim the product there. Otherwise use the delivery service (more information can be found on their web’s section “complaints”)
  • Costs related to complaints are paid by the merchant
  • The complaint has to be carried out within 30 days. If not, then you have a right to withdraw from a purchase contract
  • If the fault in the product is confirmed to be their fault, then you have a right to exchange the product, get a refund or a discount of the purchase price….

Delivery methods of purchased products

Czech Post (Česká Pošta)

It’s a state enterprise, which focuses on postal services. Before it was the only service, nowadays people use Czech Post less and less, mainly due to the rise of competition.

Delivering the package to the Post  – The merchant will directly send the package to the Post branch office. In Czech Republic, there are hundreds of Post branch offices, the goods will be delivered to the nearest branch office near your address, which you filled in the order. You will usually be informed about the status of the package via SMS.

Package to your hand  – The process is the same, with an exception that instead of delivering it to the post branch office, the package will be delivered straight to your address. If you are not at home, then they will leave the package in the nearest branch office. This method usually costs additional money. 

For more information regarding the Post click here.

DDP, PPL, GLS, Geis...

All these services are private and all of them are basically the same except for small differences, and that’s why we will talk about them together. Of course, there are more companies beside those mentioned in the title.

Lately, private services are becoming more and more popular costumer choice. Private companies usually don’t have branch offices (some of them leave the packages with their partners, so you can obtain them there. However, unlike Czech Post, this is not their primary focus). Because they don’t have branch offices, they have a quality package monitoring system, therefore customers have precise information regarding their order. The company uses SMS to communicate with their customers. Unlike the infamous Czech Post, the private companies are more reliable when it comes to delivering packages. Some of those companies will even try to deliver the goods to you multiple times, if you are not available (all included in the price).

For more information about these companies, visit their websites here DPD, PPL, GLS, Geis

Personal collection of the package

If the relay point is near you, you can usually personally collect the package free of charge.

The relay point can be a store or a company’s headquarters, where the packages are being wrapped up and stored. Personal collection may be an interesting option, but only if the relay point is in your vicinity.

Unusual methods of delivering packages

Aside the usual methods mentioned above, there are also methods, which are not commonly used. When using these methods, always read carefully the procedures on the e-shop’s websites or ask someone for advice. People’s creativity knows no bounds and to differ from the competition, people sometimes come up with some really intriguing methods.

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