Paralelni polis – inovative state-free organization which reaches out to various technologies

Prague can be proud of a project that is unique on the world scale and you can also be a part of it! We are talking about Paralelni Polis – a project outside the state independent society, which has earned its position with its philosophy. Polis is exceptional in that it brings together fans of technology, cryptocurrencies and innovators.

Behind the project is Pavol Lupták, an ethical hacker and a man who has already built his name thanks to his hard work and opinions. Understanding the concept of Paralelni Polis is not that easy, but simply speaking, it points out the dysfunction and practices of the state as a monopoly entity.

“One of the main concepts is a consistent effort to remain “state-free”. Paralelni Polis works completely without the intervention of the state. At the same time, it does not draw any funds from public finances, i.e. from the money that the state monopoly obtains through involuntary forced payments – taxes.”

The project points out the poor functioning of the state, which could be replaced by something more efficient and freer. Everything revolves around freedom and choice, which can be achieved in several ways. That is why in Paralelni Polis you can only pay in cryptocurrencies. That’s also a reason why the institute of cryptoanarchy is located here. However, that’s not all. The whole building is a place where people interested in modern technology, social sciences, and art meet.

Paralelni Polis has a lot to offer, so let’s start from the beginning. After passing through the main front door, you will find yourself in a cozy café called Bitcoin coffee. You can sit there, have a great coffee and recharge your productive energy. You can then pay in a form of cryptocurrency bitcoin, litecoin and other selected altcoins. Next, you may walk through the café and get to the other interesting areas of the building. The building, which you will certainly not miss as its large black walls attract the attention of all the people who walk through Dělnická street in Holešovice district. But let’s go back and talk more about the inside.

You might be interested in Paper Hub, coworking space for all freelancers, startups, and people in general, who want to create something. In the beautifully designed rooms you will also find a chill out zone, outdoor areas, a meeting room, a kitchen and all other things you need for work. Choose one of the many packages and let’s work on something!

What else will you find in Paralelni Polis? For example, a large multifunctional hall, where various events take place regularly, of course focusing mainly on the topics of crypto technology, hacking, encryption, 3D printing etc. An institute of cryptoanarchy also resides there, which specializes in themes, such as the internet, decentralized economics etc. In addition, you can find there Media Hub, which is intended for all video creators, who gain access to a multimedia studio.

It might seem that we are slowly approaching the end, but this is not the case, Polis is a bottomless storehouse of ideas and innovations, so it also has its own printers and 3D printing facilities, and plants are grown here as a part of hydroponic and robotic plant cultivation. And there are many more ideas! One of them is Decentruck, a tuck that spreads ideas of the whole concept.

As you may have already understood, Paralelni Polis is a place where innovative and creative people meet because here they have the perfect conditions to work together on their projects. If some of the Paralelni Polis activities are close to you, do not hesitate to go to Holešovice and visit this exceptional place.

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