Prague sights

There are countless of places in Prague, which are worth the visit, so it’s no wonder that endless streams of tourists from around the world are gathering in this beautiful capital city. It’s practically impossible to note down and describe every sightseeing place, therefore we have listed only the most famous and visited ones below. 

Table of contents of Prague sights

Prague castle

It’s the most important Czech castle, whose location is in the vicinity of Vltava river. As the most imposing stamp mark of Prague, this castle is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists annually. You can’t be really surprised. With its incredible area of 70 000 m2, this castle complex is considered as one of the largest complexes in the whole world. The castle was built in 9th century and served as a residence for Czech kings and since 1918 it’s a residence of the President of the Czech Republic. There are numerous buildings inside the complex. As for the most famous one, it would definitely be St. Vitus Cathedral. Under the cathedral lies a King’s tomb, which contains the remains of Czech kings. Inside the Cathedral, there are also Czech crown jewels, more specifically in a Crown chamber. The jewels however, can hardly be seen. Aside the public exhibitions, it’s practically impossible to take a look at them. The Prague castle provides you with a magnificent view on entire Prague. You can visit the area free of charge (in the opening hours for public) or sit down and relax in nearby cafes.

Official websites of Prague castle are here
A section for visitors here
A list of cultural events, which take place in the castle here

Old Town square

If you ever travel to Prague, you shouldn’t forget to visit Old town square. The square of size 900 m2 was already being used since 11th century as a place for markets. As the time went on, many events took place here in the square, the most popular event is considered to be an execution of 27 Czech earls (which is an important historical event for Czech nation). For tourists, the most alluring attraction in this plaza would, without a doubt, be an Old Town townhall and the Astronomical clock. The whole building was built in 1338, but the appearance changed numerous times before it took today’s form. The townhall’s most dominant part is the astronomical clock face, which, aside the time, also shows various astronomical cycles. There are two windows located above the clock, where every full hour (from 9:00 to 23:00) you can see the rotation of twelve apostles. To the most preserved Astronomical clock is bound a legend saying that the clocks were made by craftsman Hanus. Town councilors were afraid that he might build another Astronomical clock elsewhere, so they blinded him. The whole square is surrounded by historical buildings, right in the middle of the complex stands a statue of Jan Hus.

Wenceslas square

This place can’t be left unmentioned as this square is both the largest one in the Czech Republic and the most frequently visited place in Prague. From the top, the whole square is being watched over by Saint Wenceslas, the patron of Czech territories. Right behind this monumental statue is located a National Museum, which with the statue gives an iconic appearance. The National museum underwent and still undergoes various reconstructions, so there is still much left to be seen, however make sure that, they are available to the public. The whole square Is situated in a slightly descending hill, on top of that square will be a museum watching over you, therefore you can take a peek at the building from anywhere.

National theatre

This Neo-renaissance building from 19th century, which was designed by a Josef Zítek architect, is unique not only because of its design, but also because the money needed to build the theatre was raised by a public collection, so basically the theatre was built by citizens. Unfortunately, shortly after the theatre had been opened, a construction was caught in a fire leading to severe damages. This motivated people to make another public collection and in 1883, the theatre was finally repaired and rebuilt. The theatre hosts multiple performances on daily basis, where the leading actors are Czech experts in this field. Taking a look inside a theatre is possible thanks to the regular exhibitions, which are prepared for the visitors.

Official National theatre websites here
The schedule for the plays here

Charles bridge

The construction of the bridge, which connects the Old Town and Lesser Town, began in 1357 by Charles IV. The bridge played a significant role in Prague’s history, because thanks to it, Prague became an important stop in business trips. Nowadays, the bridge is visited mostly by tourists, who admire its beauty. On a 515 meters long construction you can find a total of 30 statues. The bridge is a gathering place for street artists and stall dealers, so you can purchase some accessories, paintings or souvenirs. From Charles bridge, which carries people over a Vltava river, you have an exceptional view on Hradčany and Prague castle.

Vyšehrad (Vysehrad)

On a rock, which is on the right side of Vltava river, is located a former residence of Czech rulers Vyšehrad. There are many legends, which are connected to the history of Vyšehrad. Unfortunately, no written evidences about the history were preserved until 10th century. However, some evidences show signs, that the construction may have been built earlier. The area is open to public, so definitely try to visit this place. If you plan on visiting Vyšehrad, don’t forget to make a stop at Vyšehrad cemetery (also known as Slavic cemetery), where every significant Czech person was laid to rest. There are also Saint Peter and Pavel basilicas, that are worth mentioning. You can see them from many parts of Prague.

Official websites of Vyšehrad here

Troja Chateau

Troja Chateau is located at a part of a town, which carries the same name as the chateau. This chateau is known for its regular exhibitions, which are hosted by Gallery of the capital city Prague, therefore you have a chance to take a closer at various paintings. As for the chateau’s outside area, it’s surrounded by extensive gardens, paths, fountains, decorative bushes and flower beds. In the Troja’s vicinity is situated a Prague zoo, which focuses thanks to the diverse terrain, mainly on presenting animals in their natural habitat. There are over 650 animal species and the zoo can be visited throughout the year. Especially if you are in Prague with children, try to make a visit in Prague’s zoo and while at it, take a walk through the Troja gardens.

Official websites of the gallery here
Official websites of Prague zoo here


Josefov is a part of town, which was inhabited by Jews since medieval times. The life of the Jews in Prague, like in other cities, couldn’t be called easy. Josefov was formerly named the Jews ghetto, but in 1850, Josef II. Made all Jews equal and to honor this deed, the part of this city was renamed to Josefov. There was everything the Jews needed in this town. Not everything was preserved until present days, however the most important Jew landmarks still stand and can freely be visited. These landmarks are synagogues, with the main lead Old-new synagogue, a townhall and an old cemetery. The oldest documented construction of Josefov is the Old-new synagogue, which is one of the oldest synagogues in Europe. Outside the Czech Republic, this synagogue is rather known as Altneuschul. The synagogue is available to public visitations. Occasionally some religion rituals take place here.

Official websites regarding Josefov here


In the vicinity of Charles bridge is located Klementinum, formerly a Jesuit school, which was later promoted on university. This complex has many different useful areas, which were for example a pharmacy or a theatre. As for the most intriguing part of Klementinum would be a baroque library. The whole area was reconstructed numerous times, therefore many architecture styles mix together, giving the library a unique appearance. The library is in possession of incredibly rare scrolls, which the library collected for centuries. Rare books with combination of preserved frescos create an exceptional atmosphere. Since 1930 the Klementinum is a residence of National library.

Official websites of Klementinum here

Wallenstein palace

In 17th century, one of the most significant Czech of that era Albrecht from Wallenstein led this palace to be built. This vast area, which is located at center of Prague, nowadays serves as a residence of Czech parliament. In this complex, you can find “Valdštejnskou jízdárnu”, which is a prestige place, where art exhibitions take place. One of the main reasons for visiting this place are Wallenstein gardens. The garden is open to the public and offers a peaceful atmosphere, which you will appreciate when being in the center of city. Inside the gardens you will find many statues, bushes and flowers and even peacocks, which roam there freely.

Official websites of Wallenstein palace here


Rudolfinum is a neo-renaissance building, where important and large-scale concerts take place. It is also a residence for Czech philharmonic, which is the most significant symphonic orchestra in country. A part of Rudolfinum serves as a Gallery Rudolfinum, where you can see frequent exhibitions. Rudolfinum is place, which every person that is interested in culture and art, should visit. Rudolfinum regularly hosts various Czech Philharmonic’s concerts, which you will remember for the rest of your life.

Official Rudolfinum websites here
A schedule of concerts here

Strahov monastery

We are talking about the oldest Premonstratensian monastery in the Czech Republic. The monastery was founded in 1143 by Vladislav II. A portion of this large monastery complex is reserved for the basilica of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, which is easily recognizable by two thin towers or by picture gallery. The most common reason why tourists visit this place is the Strahov library, which accounts for an incredible number of scrolls, more specifically over 200 000, where over 3000 are handwritten and 1500 are first prints. The library consists of Theological and Philosophical halls, which are connected by a passage. Strahov monastery is definitely worth visiting and while you are at it, you may also take a walk in the parks, which are a part of monastery.

Official websites of Strahov library here
For more information about basilica click here

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