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Exercising is one of the most fundamental components, which is necessary for life. It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy running, lifting or playing basketball, in Prague everyone can find his hobby. We hope that after reading this article, you won’t have a problem finding your ideal sport, which would be thrilling while at the same time fulfilling.

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Which sports are the most popular ones in the Czech Republic?


Like In any other European countries, football also seizes an important spot in team sport category. This sport also carries a many years long tradition. As a proof can be considered multiple accomplishments during international competitions. In Prague, you can find a couple of large football clubs, where among them the most famous ones would be AC Sparta Praha and SK Slavia Praha. Those two teams are rivals since the beginning. You are free to attend any of these matches, however why just watch the games? It’s true, that not everyone will get a chance to play with professionals, but if you wish to have a match with friends, then you will be surprised as there are many football fields. Also, If you are looking for teammates, visit this website. On this website you can see recruit offers for teammates, either for friendly matches or for competitions. Obviously, you can also post your own advertisement.


Hockey is considered to be a Czech national sport, because, despite the small size of the country, Czech team is one of the best in the whole world. Worlds in hockey has been played since 1920 and to this day, Czech team has won 46 medals, where 12 of them were golden ones. Biggest achievement in Czech hockey history is thought to be a win in Olympics in 1998, which took place in Nagano. Like in football, the most successful teams in Prague are HC Sparta and HC Slavia. If you want to play hockey, you have two options: First option would be in the open air. Either play on the public rinks or wait for the ponds to get frozen and then play on them (It’s not exactly the most comfortable but it has it’s own charm). However, winters are getting more and more warmer, so it’s getting harder to play outside. This leads us to the second variant: renting a hockey stadium. There are various stadiums, which can be rented, for example Eden winter stadium, Tipsport arena or winter stadium Hasa. Nonetheless, you should keep in mind that the prices are not exactly cheap because the stadiums require numerous maintenances.

Outdoor skating rinks

  • Tower Ice Park – An ice rink which is situated directly under Žižkov television transmitter and is open from December till March. It’s also possible to borrow a pair of ice skates for 50 kč.
  • Arkády Pankrác – Public ice skating takes place right in front of this shopping center until last winter days.
  • Fruit market (Ovocný trh) – The ice rink is open from 10 am to 9 pm. Keep in mind that there are many people and children, so you have to be careful. If you wish to have more space for yourself, then visit ice rink on Letná or Kulaťák.

Indoor ice rinks

  • Ice arena Letňany – This winter area is available throughout the year. There, you can also find fitness centre, sauna with solarium and a restaurant. It’s possible to borrow ice skates.
  • Ledová plocha Výstaviště – You can go ice skating even in a small stadium, which is situated in the vicinity of Incheba arena in Holešovice in Výstaviště area. The ice rink is accessible to public every Sunday and you can be there for two hours from 50 kč.


In Czech, there are numerous excellent tennis players. As a proof serves numerous recent wins in team competitions such as Davis cup and Fed cup. In the last 10 years, women team impressively won 6 times, which is a rare and admirable feat. Unlike team sports, tennis is a sport, which is rather available. In Prague, there is quite the number of tennis sport clubs, whose tennis courts can easily be rented by everyone for a small fee. On top of that, you may also find a lot of tennis court halls in Prague, so it doesn’t matter whether you want to play in summer or winter. You can visit Czech Lawn tennis Club Praha, TK Sparta Praha or LTC Zbraslav. If you are looking for a teammate, this website is exactly what you are looking for.


Despite the fact of having numerous excellent athletes, in the recent years we haven’t received many medals in the world scale competitions. Thanks to the variety of sports and lots of fun it offers, athletics is an ideal sport for everyone who wants to challenge his limits. It’s entirely up to you which specific sport you choose. The main advantage would be the fact, that you usually don’t need any special equipment. If you wish to have your training managed by someone, visit this website and select a specific section and someone will certainly help you reaching your goals. If you enjoy running, you can visit various public tracking fields, which are plenty in Prague. Other types of athletic sports are harder to practice. For example, They will not allow you to train high jump or javelin toss without being registered in the stadiums. In the end, you will have to register if you want to practice there.

Places where to go jogging

In Prague are countless beautiful places, where you can go jogging, whether they are running tracks or pathways in nature. For the best jogging experience, we recommend parks and forests. Here are some examples of them:

  • Letná park – The approximate length of the running route is 2 800 meters.
  • Kunratický forest – The length of the route is around 3 000 meters. During your jogging you will encounter various sights, so you can stop there and take some rest to regain your strength.
  • Prokopské valley – Here awaits you a 3 900 meters long route. (we are preparing an article about this place and we will soon release it)
  • Hostivařský forest park – The length of this route is approximately 4 000 meters. (we are preparing an article about this place and we will soon release it)

Exercising in the gym

Some people visit gym with the intention of gaining muscle mass, others losing weight, some are training for strength while others just want to get some exercise. Whichever group you belong to, trust us that in Prague you will find what you are looking for. Where can you find a gym you ask? They are usually a part of shopping centres and other frequently visited places. Even schools are well aware of the necessity of exercising, therefore you can find a smaller gym in every larger school. Though they are generally available only for students. Gyms are often adjusted to a specific type of training. As an example might be fitness with cardio zones (high frequency training) or gyms with various dumbbells and machines. Another option is a gym, which specializes purely in strength training. These gyms have a lot of barbells, platforms and dumbbells, therefore they are suitable for crossfitters and powerlifting. You can also enjoy group lessons, which are organized by nearly every gym. Are you not a fan of an indoor training? No problem. Thanks to the rising popularity of calisthenics or street workout (exercising only with your bodyweight), many calisthenics parks were built. These parks contain various styles of dip bars, straight bars and a lot more. It’s also free for the whole year.


There are people who are passionate about swimming, others hate it from the bottom of the heart. If you belong to the first group, then read carefully. In Prague, there are many swimming pools, which are open every day mostly from early hours till late evenings, so it’s only up to you whether you enjoy swimming before your work/school or in the evening to clear your mind. Of course, you can also join a swimming club and regularly attend training sessions but it’s not a necessity. Everyone can enter a swimming pool (children below 15 years old must be accompanied by someone).

Sports independent on environment

The above-mentioned sports are heavily tied down to the place, where you can do them. You will hardly be able to swim without areas with pool or play an ice hockey without a rink. There are however activities, which can be done almost everywhere. These sports are cycling, running and inline skating.

The main advantage of Prague and many other towns is the number of bicycle paths, which can be found in the vicinity of the aforementioned cities, you just have to know where to look. Bicycle paths are marked, but it’s still better to have an idea where you are going. You can look for an idea on this website, which is very neatly organized. Many pathways lead through forests, meadows and along the rivers, therefore riding a bicycle or running feels very pleasant. On top of that, along the paths you can find information boards about the places you are travelling through.

You can also freely ride a bicycle on roads and streets, but you have to follow some rules. Travel on the ride side as much as possible and try to be as much visible as possible (lighting, reflectors…). Also, always wear at least a helmet and be mindful of other drivers.

There are no upper limits, you can basically run, ride a bike or travel by inline everywhere you want as long as you don’t restrain and create complications to others. Some people enjoy running along the rivers, others seek stairs for explosive training, there are some who like riding across the mountains while others crave for city inline paths.

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Exercising is one of the most fundamental components, which is necessary for life. It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy running, lifting or playing basketball, in Prague everyone can find his hobby. We hope that after reading this article, you won’t have a problem finding your ideal sport, which would be thrilling while at the same...

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