Best cafés in Prague

There are many cafés in Prague, but which ones are the best? If you don’t want to go around and check every single one of them, let yourself be inspired by this article. While it’s a subjective topic, believe us that every single one of them is original and has lots to offer. Enough chitchatting, let’s start.


When you look at Mazelab, you can easily get a feeling of the future because the interior of the café gives off a “futuristic” and timeless impression. White walls, many plants and minimalist interior give the place its atypical look.
Mazelab Coffee is an accessible café for many students because it’s located near the university campus, not far from Dejvická metro station. At Mazelab, they follow a set of basic rules – no Wi-fi, no cash and no sugar. You can learn more about Mazelab in our article.

The Miners Coffee

The atmosphere of the café will embrace you and turn you on to a productive mode. Whether you have some homework, a job or a project, in Miners Coffee the work is done in no time.
As for the offer, there is a wide range of coffees you can order, for example flat white, affogato or the so called “mat rocks”. They make their own coffee beans and you can even buy some of them. In addition, it is possible to “have a taste” of breakfast plates every weekend, on which you can find various ingredients. You can read more about it in the article about The Miners Coffee.


Are you a lover of healthy lifestyle? Then attention please! Etapa focuses on preparation of healthy food and drinks. You won’t see so many vegan dishes at one place. Would you like toasts with beets or pumpkins, lentil and sweet potato soups or gluten-free muffins? No problem.
To quench your thirst, you can try, for example organic teas or cherry lemonade. If you are satisfied, like many people who have entered Etapa, then you should also check their e-shop which is full of natural products. Read more specific tips in a comprehensive article about Etapa.

Café Letka

High ceilings, beautiful chandeliers, and unusual walls – welcome to Café Leka, a café in Prague Holešovice.
The unique atmosphere of the whole place is created by a seemingly unmaintained interior, which however, is very specific and adds authenticity to the café. Visit this place in order to try their great brunch, there is plenty to choose from, such as bread with ricotta, cottage cheese with granules, banana bread with figs, pickled salmon…Whether you go here for a coffee or a whole meal, the café will not disappoint you. Interesting, isn’t it? Read more about Café Letka, a unique café.

Spižírna 1902

Spižírna 1902 is located in Vinohrady and definitely deserves your attention. The walls are decorated with a motif of tropical greenery, which in combination with wood creates a very interesting place.
In addition to coffee you can also buy breakfast, lunch and dinner here. And what specifically can you order? Excellent quesadilla with spinach, cheese and tomatoes, pancakes with ricotta and raspberries or Czech buns with cottage cheese, jam or poppy seeds.
The café is not just a café…it is a unique place with its charm. If you want to understand it more, be sure to visit Spižírna, but before you do that, you should read more about this interesting place called Spižírna 1902.

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