Czech food – the best meals the local cuisine has to offer

Czech cuisine has lots of great meals, therefore this article won’t surely be able to cover them all. We have decided to list down the five best meals, which everyone has to try. Good appetite!

Sirloin in cream sauce (Svíčková na smetaně)

“Svíčková” is considered to be a pride of Czech cuisine and cooks in restaurants and homes often compete in who prepares the meal better. Preparing the meal is not that difficult, however the time it takes to make the meal is very long. The core is the vegetable sauce, which typically consists of celery, parsley and other mixed vegetables. The vegetable mix is complemented with cream or whipped cream, which gives the sauce its characteristic taste. An irreplaceable part of svíčková is without a doubt dumplings and meat, which is usually beef. People usually add cranberries either separately or mix it with the sauce. Svíčková is not only exceptional due to its taste. Due to the long preparing of this meal, svíčková was often served during various celebrations, therefore people connect this food with something special.

Fruit Dumplings

Fruit dumplings are a favorite food mainly during summer, where the fruit is fresh. There are upper limits to creativity, you can fill the dumplings with strawberries, plums, apricots, blueberries, raspberries and some people even use plum jam. On top of that, the dumplings are typically served with melted butter, curd and sugar. This meal is a welcomed change during summer season, especially when it’s the exact opposite of the rich cream sauces, which are countless in Czechia.

Schnitzel (řízek)

You will hardly find a child who hasn’t eaten a Schnitzel. Schnitzel became the symbol Czech cuisine, I even dare to say of the Czech Republic. Why you ask? Because the food fulfills all the requirements a food should fulfill – it’s tasty, preparing the food is quick, the food is good even when it’s cold and most importantly, it will fill your stomach. The main ingredient is meat, typically chicken or pork meat, which is wrapped in flour, egg and breadcrumbs. And it’s almost done, now you just need to fry it, however it will take a couple of minutes. Frying is the downside, because it’s not exactly the healthiest method of preparing the meal, but after tasting the food you will surely forget this little negative. As for the side dish, you can serve potatoes, potato salad, French fries or bread, which is usually served with cold schnitzel (Czech people often use this combination when they are on trips. That’s also a reason why the meal is so popular).

Goulash (Guláš)

Even though the Goulash is a Hungarian food, we still added this meal on to this list, because Goulash is an irreplaceable part of Czech cuisine. The quote “Goulash with six” (Guláš se šesti) became famous, the beforementioned six symbolizes the number of dumplings, which is served alongside meat. Goulash is considered to be a typical pub food, which must be present at every great Czech pub. In addition, a meal should be served with something to drink and what else to drink than beer. However, what’s the goulash made of? The core is meat (beef, chicken, pork or venison meat) and sauce, whose main ingredients are pepper, caraway, onion and marjoram.

Roasted pork with dumplings and sauerkraut

Although the name may sound a bit weird, it basically defines the three main parts of the meal – pork meat, dumplings and sauerkraut. Preparing the meal requires having caraway, onions, garlic, lard and flour. Just by naming the ingredients you can already guess that the meal is saturated and harder to digest. That’s also why not everyone likes this food, however there is also a large group of people, who love this food from the bottom of their hearts. Whether the food is for you or not is up to you to decide, nonetheless everyone should at least give this food a chance.

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