Five most popular school canteens in Prague

In the capital of Prague, there are dozens of school canteens located throughout the city, which makes it difficult for freshmen to choose the right place to eat. Although there are many subjective criterias you have to consider and we can’t really help you with that, we can at least give you some ideas in the form of the list of most popular school canteens in Prague.

Strahov school canteen

With its several large halls, Strahov canteen belongs among one of the larger school canteens and can be found inside Strahov dormitory area. The school canteen is under the management of the CTU university and can be divided into a large dining hall, which offers several already-prepared meals, and a restaurant, where cooks quickly prepare meals for you. Despite being a school canteen, many employees, workers, and people not living in Strahov dorms visit this place, because of its fine quality and prices, as well as great location.

Albertov school canteen

As the name may slightly suggest, this school canteen is located in the Albertov area together with multiple faculties of Charles University. At first sight, it may look like a small cozy building, but don’t be mistaken, the canteen can host up to 230 people at the same time! The main traits of this dining hall are large portions and low prices, so it’s no wonder that the canteen is popular. But because it’s popular, you will usually have to wait long queues during lunch hours.

School canteen in Jarov

Despite being a small dining hall with capacity of around one hundred people, Jarov school canteen can definitely be considered as a popular canteen, which is visited by all students from Jarov dormitory area. The canteen belongs to VŠE university and has both an indoor area as well as outdoor area. Students and employees can choose from 3-4 dishes, where one of them is always for vegetarians, and then pay either by card or in cash. The main advantage of this canteen is the overall cozy atmosphere, kind and friendly staff, and delicious food, however the prices are slightly higher compared to other canteens in Prague.

Podolí school canteen

Newly reconstructed and equipped with better chairs and tables, the school canteen in Podolí dormitory area is another popular choice among students where to eat. You often don’t wait long queues, you can pay by card, food generally tastes good, you will usually go within 100 kč budget, and during summer, you can chill outside on the terrace with a beer in your hand. In addition, the canteen is available not only to students and employees, but also to the public, which is why you can encounter lots of working people there.

Studentský dům (Students house)

Studentský dům (or Students house in English) is one of the largest school canteens in Prague, which can be found in Dejvice campus along with several CTU faculties. The canteen can be found on the second floor, which is then divided into four separate dining halls. Aside from paying by card or in cash, students can also pay by various coupons. A lot of students prefer eating in this canteen because of its low prices and larger privacy.

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