Top five gyms in Prague – for strongmen, crossfitters and fitness enthusiasts

In Prague there are dozens of gyms and fitness centers. Each of them focuses on something else, are differently drafted and for different clientele. We have prepared a list of TOP 5 gyms, which every one of you can visit. We have selected different types of gyms, so everyone can find what suits him or her.


VT GYM is a complex, which is a combination of areas adjusted for functional training and a background for physiotherapy. This combo gave birth to a place, which will offer you with everything you need during your training. Whether you are a recreational athlete, a professional or a competitor, here everyone will satisfy their needs. In the gym you will find a zone for weightlifting, powerlifting, CrossFit and calisthenics but you will also be able to find zones for stretching and cardio. You will not find many machines here, however the place is filled with many cages, weights, dumbells, bars and dip bars. There is also a strongman equipment and a free space for strength activities. If you don’t want to train alone and wish to try out something new, then there are group lections, which will be ideal for you. After the training don’t forget to visit the physiotherapy room, where experts in this field await you. If you have a problem, they will help you with diagnosis and treatment. VT GYM is an ideal place for athletes, who wish to improve in all fields.

Pulse fitness

This is a new fitness center, which is situated in Horní Počernice (Prague 20). The center is well equipped, so you will find many quality machines, which will train every single part of your body. If your goal is endurance training, then you will surely appreciate a wide range of cardio machines. Many famous people train here, one such example may be a Czech MMA fighter Karlos “Terminator” Vémola. Fitness also hosts group lections such as pilates, circuit training, power yoga or training for children, which many mothers will surely be grateful for. If you buy PULSE FAMILY membership, you will become a part of the partner program, thanks to which you will obtain various sales so that’s worth it. After your visit in the center you can also enter a local solarium.


Immediately when you enter a fitness you will be surprised about the unique design, which takes after an American fitness center style. There are many wooden accessories, which in combination with concrete walls and robust steel create an exceptional place, which is unlike any other Prague gym. The place is equipped with Hammer strength machines, which are machines that only use levers to adjust the resistance. Simply speaking, the resistance is set by adding weights, there is no need for chains to move the machine. A part of the fitness center is reserved for wellness center, which you can also try in the complex. In there a sauna, an infrasauna a whirlpool awaits you. HS fitness is very popular, or at least according to google reviews it’s one of the best rated Prague fitness centers.

Spartan Gym

The Spartan Gym’s area is 500m2 and it’s for every hard worker. Well, the name already suggests it. The whole vision of this project is to create a friendly environment, where everyone can challenge his limits. The gym is divided into more parts, so fans of dumbells and fans of bodyweight can find their place. The gym hosts functional trainings such as Cross training, Tabata training or Yoga training. Many members visit this gym and they will be more than happy to welcome you in their ranks. Don’t expect some flowery fitness, but a place full of enthusiasts and hard workers, who wish to surpass their limits.

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