The best parks in Prague – a piece of nature in capital city

Besides the beautiful architecture and riverside, Prague also has excuisite parks where you can sit down and enjoy the pleasing sceneries. Here we have a list of the most interesting ones.

Riegrovy sady

Riegrovy Sady, located in the imposing part of Prague 2 – Vinohrady  is  one of the most popular leisure spots in Prague 2. This pleasant park, bounded by Chopinova, Italska, Polska and Vozova street, is named after a Czech politician František Ladislav Rieger whose statue is the work of Josef Václav Myslbek from 1913. Riegrovy sady was established in 1904 – 1908 as an English-style public garden and is used for public purpose ever since. It offers spacious and calm environment for relaxation and also a stunning view of Prague Castle. You can also indulge yourself with many forms of entertainment and leisure such as Park Café with large screen TVs for big sport events (ice hockey world championship, FIFA World Cup, EURO) and a playground for children.

Letenský park

Situated on an embankment overlooking the meandering Vltava, Letna Park is a magnificient place for relaxing and slow down the fast-paced living in the city of Prague. The first thing you might notice when you visit this amazing setting is a very large ticking metronome, recognition of time, located at the base of the park. This used to be a spot that held the massive Stalin Monument, the biggest in the world. Nowadays it is a favourite venue for local skateboarders. Next to the metronome is the Hanavsky Pavilion, a petite neo Baroque cast iron architecture built in 1891 on the occasion of the Jubilee World Exhibition, where you can have your cup of coffee while gazing down upon the city of Prague.


Petřín Hill is one of the largest metropolitan green areas. Its hillside is a place of calm in the center of Prague. The Rose Garden, or rosarium, at the top of Petrin Hill, Nebozízek Garden and the Seminary Garden with more than 2,100 fruit trees are particularly magical. A favourite destination for families with children and couples in love. To get to the top of the hill, you may use the funicular, which is considered as a public transport so it will come in handy if you already have a public transport ticket. On the top of the Petrin Hill you can see Petrin  Lookout Tower which is popular for its incredible views of the city and resembles Eiffel tower in Paris.

Střelecký ostrov

There are 12 islands on Vltava, the river of Prague. One of them, located approximately in the middle of the river and connected with both banks by a bridge, is called Střelecký Island (in czech Střelecký Ostrov). There are two ways to approach the island, one is by foot across bridge and the second is to rent a paddle boat and paddle across the river. On the south bank of the island is a restaurant which offers great views but the prices of food and drinks are high. The rest of the island is a recently reconstructed park. From one side you can see Kampa, from the other side Národní divadlo.

Havlíčkovy sady

Located in the proximity of Krymska street, Havlíčkovy Sady is a great park with lots of open spaces and very interesting rock formations and structures. There is a possibility to buy beer and food on the site, but it’s also a great place to just hang out and enjoy the remarkable panorama of Prague. A highlight of the park is a large villa known as Grébovka, which dates back to the 19th century and is surrounded by abundant vineyards and terraces. There’s also an old grotto, which can be climbed and offers great views of the park and a rocky terrace to relax on.

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