The best shopping centers in Prague

I think everyone is aware of what shopping centers are. Their unique aspect of gathering every possible type of store under a single roof is the main reason why so many people visit this place. If we add in the fact that the shopping centers also offer various fast foods and restaurants and numerous forms of entertainment such as cinema, then we have a place where you can spend your entire day. For this reason, we have made a list of top 5 shopping centers in Prague so you can choose which one suits you the most.


Despite the fact that this shopping center is situated rather far away from the center of Prague, it’s the largest shopping center in the entire Czech Republic. There you will find over 300 shops which offer all kinds of products ranging from house decorations and electronics to diverse cloth stores, and also the biggest cinema with 18 projection rooms so there is no lack of entertainment. If you are hungry, you can simply visit the top floor which is mainly reserved for food stores (by the way the cinema is also situated there). We recommend you checking the interactive maps stationed all over the place because this shopping center sometimes feels more like a maze than a shopping area.


The list doesn’t rank the shops from the best ones to the worst ones, nonetheless I was really hesitating whether to put Palladium or Chodov as the representative in the first spot. While Chodov is the largest shopping center, Palladium is the most frequently visited one. Because of its convenient location in the center of Prague nearby the Czech national bank, the shopping area is mainly visited by tourists from all around the world. The building consists of more than 175 shops which offer luxurious goods, accessories, top notch brands etc. and again with a top floor reserved only for food shops and stores. Throughout the year you can also visit various stalls with food and souvenirs in front of the entrance.

Shopping center Letňany

Shopping center Letňany is another giant among the shopping areas in Prague which is located in the northern part of Prague. Aside the usual stores with everything you’d ever need, another “shop” worth mentioning is Tesco hypermarket which is opened nonstop so it’s a very convenient place to buy things you need regardless of the time. Families with children also have an opportunity to put their children in children’s corner where the personnel have many attractions prepared for them. Unlike the previous two shopping centers, this shopping area hosts various small-scale events so if you are interested, you are more than welcome to attend them.

Arkády Pankrác

Unlike the previous three shopping centers, the next ones we will discuss are much smaller. Arkády Pankrác is a humble two storey building with a small fountain at the center. As always there are tons of various products which you can purchase at a fair price. A part of the shopping mall is also a supermarket. The main selling point would be the cultural and social events which take place there and make the shopping all the more enjoyable.

Atrium Flora

Despite being the smallest out of them all, Atrium Flora is my personal favorite. Sure, there aren’t as many shops as in other shopping malls, however there is one thing this shopping area has while the others don’t – IMAX 3D cinema. This IMAX 3D is the largest one in the entire Czech Republic and even central Europe, therefore it’s no wonder that this shopping mall is visited mainly because of this.

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