The best study places in Prague – where to study in peace?

I think every student has at least once encountered a situation where he wished to study but he didn’t have the conditions required for that. I myself have also been in that situation numerous times. This issue encouraged us to make a list of our top 5 places, where you could study.

Friends Coffee House

Friends Coffee House is a café with study room elements. The location is rather convenient as it’s situated right around the corner of Wenceslas Square. Unlike other cafes, this one is adjusted to studying/working in groups or discussing topics with colleagues. For this reason, there are multiple discussion rooms, which you can use with your colleagues to work on a project. There are also computers available if you need to. If you have a sweet tooth, then you can have a taste of their desserts and coffee to help you concentrate on studying.

Czech national library of technology (NTK)

NTK is the largest library complex of technical literature in the Czech Republic. This massive building provides people with a perfect background for studying. First of all, there are countless of books for all technology enthusiasts. Secondly, there are floors, which are quiet zones and on top of that, you can find numerous computers on every floor. There are also rooms for approximately 10-15 people, which are designed for group studying. Thanks to these incredible conditions the library is usually packed with students even during the term. As for the exam period the whole building is filled with people from the bottom to the very top floor, so it is recommended to reserve a small study corner for an insignificant fee, so you are able to study peacefully.


The concept of Cafedu is similar to the Friends Coffee one – a mix between a café and a study area. Cafedu consists of two floors. The front side of the first floor is reserved for café services while at the back are located study rooms. First, let’s talk about the café part. There is a wide range of products you can choose from, ranging from coffees and teas to various cakes and croissants. If you wish to, you can also take your food with you. Now for the study part. The study area is divided into a quiet zone and a discussion zone. The quiet zone is an area, where people expect absolute quiet. As for the discussion area, you visit these when you wish to for example group study with your friends. A large pro of those study rooms is that they are nonstop. For these services you have to pay depending on the membership you choose, however students have a large discount. The overall impression of this café/study area is very positive, maybe you should also give it a try.

Parallel polis

If you are a fan of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general, then Parallel polis is exactly for you. The reason is this place is regarded as a global cryptotechnology center. If you wish to learn more about cryptocurrency, then they offer lectures on this topic. If you wish to pay in their café store, then you buy pay by cryptocurrency. You don’t know how to do it? They will help you step by step! But that’s a bit off topic. The reason I am mentioning this place is because of a Paper Hub, which is a part of Parallel Polis. It’s a spacious study and coworking room, which will provide you with everything you need in order to study, from tables and sockets to printers and other various accessories. There are also rooms for various meetings, group studies or project planning. Just make sure to reserve it beforehand. If you feel the need to relax, then there are also numerous sofas with pillows and armchairs, so you can later continue in your work/study. If you wish to try something different, then this place should be a number one on your list.

Central library (Ústřední knihovna)

There are countless libraries in Prague, and among all of these the Central library is one of the largest. The location is very convenient, because it’s situated directly at the center of Prague. They offer an incredible amount of services of all kinds, starting with internet and wifi, 3D printers, copying to digital piano and gaming consoles. There is also a café present, so you can try out one of their coffees. A large pro of this library is that they are adjusted for handicapped people, thus offering services such as barrierless access, dioptric glasses, induction loop, and much more. There is one more thing worth saying, if you wish to simply find a place to study, then you don’t have to pay a single penny. Because of all of these services we simply had to mention this specific library as one of the top study places in Prague.

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