Best indoor and outdoor swimming places in Prague

In this article we will describe five best places where you can go swimming. This article will include both indoor and outdoor swimming places. Now without further ado, let’s get started.

Aquapalace Prague

There is nothing better to start with than Aquapalace Prague, the largest water park in Central Europe, which caters to all tastes. The area is divided into several different parts – Water World, Sauna World, SPA & Wellness Centre and Fitness Center. The Water World occupies the area of over 9 000 m2, therefore there is no need to worry about the lack of attractions. You can find there more than dozen water slides, including the longest one in the Czechia, artificial waves, Steep slides, Spacebowl and much more. If you feel like you need to relax, you can visit the Sauna World, which consists of fourteen different types of sauna, or let yourself be taken care of in the SPA & Wellness Centre. There is one more important fact worth mentioning: students have a discount.

Biotop Radotín

Biotop is an outdoor swimming area, which was recently constructed in 2014. The unique concept of this place lies in its maintenance. The whole area uses water plants and natural ecosystem to clear the water, which means that there aren’t being used any chemical substrates like people are used to. The area consists of two lakes (swimming lake and biological lake) with different depths in each part, therefore it’s an ideal place for both non-swimmers and experienced swimmers. In the center are located numerous slides, so even families with children will enjoy their time there. Overall, Biotop is an exceptional place, which should be visited at least once.

Aquadream Aquapark Barrandov

As the name already suggests, the aquapark is located in Barrandov area. Compared to the Aquapalace Prague, the size of this water resort is considerably smaller, however it still has lots to offer. There, you will find water slides, whirlpools, toboggans, a river with opposite current for more experienced swimmers and more. If you visit the aquapark during a sunny day, you can lie down and enjoy the sunrays in the outdoor area, which also provides pools, playgrounds, refreshments etc. The resort welcomes everyone with open arms, even your children won’t definitely be bored here.

Outdoor swimming pool Petynka

Petynka outdoor swimming pool is a rather popular swimming place in Prague. It provides its visitors with many modern facilities such as heated swimming pool, which proves its worth especially during cold days, toboggans, trampolines, football pool and much more. There are also many attractions for children, for example electric cars and playgrounds. If you wish to sunbathe, you can freely do so everywhere in the area, even on the rooftop of the building. You can also purchase drinks and other refreshments.

Swimming lake Divoká Šárka

The swimming lake Divoká Šárka is a popular swimming place, which is located next to the Divoká Šárka Nature Reserve. The whole adventure already starts with getting there, because on your way there you will encounter many beautiful nature sceneries and sights. When you finally arrive to the lake, you will appreciate the fact that the mud at the bottom of the lake was taken care of, therefore the water is clean throughout the whole summer. The lake is “divided” into two parts, one which has tepid water and the second one which has a cold water. You can also lend a lounger free of charge and enjoy sunbathing. It’s also possible to purchase refreshments in the area.

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