Vyšehrad – a place which you will keep revisiting for numerous reasons

Vyšehrad is an inseparable part of Prague, because it’s connected not only with history, but it is also a place visited by many tourists. However, do not be afraid of crowded streets, the whole fortress area is vast and you will definitely find a quiet place to relax. It can thus become a great place, where you will be happy to return to and which you will constantly keep exploring, because there are many things to see.

There are several legends connected with the founding of Vyšehrad, however, one thing is for certain – the first Czech king Vratislav II. resided here, so the place gained its importance. Various buildings and facilities were built here and a few centuries later Vyšehrad was rebuilt into a fortress. Vyšehrad has a good strategic location, but at the same time it’s close to the city center. All you have to do is run down for a bit and you are already on Náplavka. By the way, according to a legend, Horymír jumped down to these places with his faithful steed Šemík when he tried to escape certain death. Horymír survived, but the horse unfortunately did not. To this day, the legend fascinates many visitors. If you are one of them, go and explore many new legends, which are bound to this place.

The area of the Vyšehrad fortress is an amazing place to go for a walk as you will find parks threaded with smaller paths, statues and monuments. Even more interesting, however, is the lookout part of the fortress, from which you will have a beautiful view of Prague. Stop there for a while, sit down on a bench, buy something to drink at the stalls and just enjoy the authentic character of the Vyšehrad complex. You can relax there, however, you can also walk around the area, for example, Vyšehrad, Štulcov, Kartach or Lumír parks. But every journey is more pleasant if it has a destination, and to be honest, there are several of these stops.

The dominant feature of the Vyšehrad fortress is undoubtedly the Basilica of St. Peter and Paul. The neo-Gothic building with two tall towers and beautiful Art Nouveau interior decoration is one of the places you must definitely visit. The basilica also includes the tomb of Slavín and a cemetery of great Czech people, which is freely accessible to the public. Although the place may feel slightly depressing, you can come here and pay tribute to the people, who played a significant role in our country’s history. What else is on Vyšehrad? The fortifications themselves are very interesting and you can explore them more, for example in the casemates, where an audiovisual exhibition on Prague history also takes place. The cellars and corridors below Vyšehrad are also intriguing, so if you are interested in it, don’t hesitate and visit it. You can also visit the gallery or the summer stage, which hosts various cultural events, especially during the summer months.

As you have already understood, Vyšehrad is a very interesting place that you must not miss during your adventures in Prague. You can walk there along the embankment or just take a metro C and get off at “Vyšehrad” metro stop, from which it is not far. Finally, it is also worth mentioning that if you do not want to explore this place alone and wish to find out something interesting about it, you can use one of the guided tours.

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