Prague market – formerly a slaughterhouse, now of the largest and exceptional markets in Prague!

Prague market (also known as Holešovická tržnice) is a famous large area, which can be found on the Northern side of Prague in Holešovice district. However, in the beginning the Prague market used to serve as a slaughterhouse. It was later in 1983 that the area was rebuilt into a market and now is even protected as a cultural monument.

Prague market offers numerous stores and shops of all kinds of goods. There you can find a large Alza store with electronics, Mountfield shop with gardening tools, or for example chemist’s shop Teta and many more. What’s more, in the area is situated a vegetable market Holešovice with fresh fruits and vegetables every day. You can also visit a famous Sasazu Asian restaurant and nightclub, which provides visitors a unique nightlife experience.

In the market area, visitors can also take a look at the Asian market, which is now located under one roof in a building no. 13. There you will mainly find clothes, souvenirs and food, however that’s not the only reason people visit this place. The other reason is the overall vibe customers will get when entering the Asian market – bargaining, market noise, foreign food, and many foreign customers and vendors – simply a unique atmosphere. 

Putting shops aside, numerous people also visit Prague market in order to attend various events, which are mostly organized in the outdoor area. The events are usually centered around a certain topic, such as Foodfest, beer fest, various celebrations, art exhibitions, or perhaps even ecology of town. The list of events is rather long and they are organized quite frequently. What’s more, before the end of the year, there is a Christmas market taking place, which you can visit with your relatives and get in a Christmas mood.

Prague market is easily accessible by both the public transport as well as by car. If you want to use the metro, the closest station is “Vltavská”, however, the closest stations are two tram stations named “Pražská tržnice” and “Tusarova”.
As for the parking, you can enter parking lots from several entrance gates and use the parking slot. The fee is 40 kč per hour, however your first hour is for free. It’s also possible to buy a VIP parking permission, which allows you to park there for 1200 kč per month. To do that, you need to send them a mail to register there.

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