How to choose the right dormitory and room in Prague?

A vast majority of students who are going to study at the university in Prague stand before a few rather tricky questions – What is the most ideal type of accommodation for me? And after you have finally weighed all the possible pros and cons of dormitories and decided to live there, a new question arises: Which dormitory and room is the best for me? There are several important things which you have to consider before choosing a dormitory and we will explain all of them here, so without further ado, let’s get started!

Distance from the dorm to your university

Generally speaking, the closer you are to the place where you will study, the better it is for you, because you will avoid unnecessarily long travel times. There are dozens and dozens of dormitories located all over Prague and you don’t have to live in your university’s dormitory, so you have plenty of options to choose from. Nonetheless, there are some dormitories, which are reserved mainly for freshmen or foreigners, therefore, if you don’t belong to either of these categories, you will most likely not get a room. For better orientation, you can make use of the map of dormitories, which is sorted out based on universities. The only thing you should be careful about here is the fact that you will most likely not study all your university years at one place, so it’s important to think more long-term. Will your lectures next school term be on the other side of Prague? Then you can sign a contract to live in that dormitory only for half a year and then move to a dormitory closer to your place of study. Of course, you can always prematurely terminate the contract, but it will cost you additional money.

Area where the dormitory is located

Another criteria you should consider is the surroundings around the dormitory. Do you want to have a peaceful quiet park or sporting fields and facilities around you? Or you’d rather prefer a large shopping center and many restaurants? Do you want to stay in a bustling city center or you prefer a relaxing and quiet atmosphere on the edge of Prague? This all depends on your preferences and what you want to have around you, so put some thought into it. Afterall, you will live there for quite some time.

Now that you have chosen the right dormitory based on the previous tips, you are already halfway there! Next is choosing the right room to suit your preferences. The dormitory always offers numerous types of accommodations, so that everyone can find what suits them the most. The prices are then reflected in the amount of comfort and privacy the accommodation provides.

Types of rooms at the dormitory

All dormitories allow you to choose from various types of rooms, ranging from the most common single and double rooms to less common triple and quadruple rooms. 

  1. Single rooms offer the most privacy and are usually the most spacious, however, are also the most expensive. 
  2. Double rooms are the most common option and offer a great balance between privacy, room size, and price. And if you convince one of your good friends to live with you there, double rooms basically don’t have any downsides. 
  3. In triple and quadruple rooms you will feel rather cramped and sometimes it might be difficult to come to an agreement with your roommates. But on the other hand, the rooms are for far lower prices than the other options.

Aside from these types of rooms, some dorms also offer partner rooms or comfort rooms.

  1. Partner rooms are reserved for couples and can be often distinguished by the fact that there is only one bed instead of two. 
  2. And lastly, comfort rooms offer numerous benefits in the form of larger rooms, modern furniture and extra equipment, however, the prices for these rooms are considerably more expensive, therefore not many students opt for this choice.

Shared kitchen, showers and WC in a dormitory or no?

Along with the type of room you will also find how it is with a kitchen, showers and WC. Some rooms have their own kitchen, showers and WC built nearby the rooms, meaning that only you and a couple of your roommates have access to these facilities. This is an awesome feature if you wish to cook a lot or want to have more privacy when showering. In addition, collective responsibility doesn’t work well here as you will always know who is leaving a mess behind or who is not cleaning. Of course, for this option you will have to pay slightly more. The other possibility is a shared kitchen, showers and WC among all students on one floor. This option is usually chosen by students who don’t cook often, don’t mind less privacy, or simply wish to save some money on accommodation. If you choose this type, you should be prepared that the facilities will not always be the cleanest, because many people use it and not everyone cleans after themselves.

Choose the right floor

The last criteria is the floor itself as you can choose in which floor you want to stay. In most dormitories, some floors are known to be “party” floors, where students often organize smaller parties in rooms or even on the floor and study rooms. This may be very unpleasant if you are the type of person who likes to go to sleep early or relax at night, so it’s for the best if you choose a different floor. But how can you find out which floor is quiet? The best way is to ask students who used to live or still live there. They will precisely tell you how is the situation.

Now you know which criterias are important when choosing a dormitory, so let’s test it out in practice and select your ideal dormitory! To make things simpler for you, we have described dormitories of all major public universities, so all you have to do is read our brief introduction about them.

Choose the university and dormitory
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