How to make new friendships as a freshman

Let’s face it, it’s not exactly easy to find new good friends, especially when you are a freshman who doesn’t know anyone from the school or came from a different city. This may even be more difficult if you are from a different country and don’t know the Czech language. But don’t worry, as the saying goes “every problem has a solution”; and this case is no exception, so let’s take a look at the options we have there!

Globalduck community

We are well aware of the struggles of looking for new and long lasting friendships, so we created a Globalduck Community, which is a project aiming to help and connect people from all around the world by making events. One of the main advantages is the fact that the majority of events are organized by students themselves, so they all have been in your shoes and can give you relevant and detailed advice. What’s more, there you can meet local and exchange students from numerous universities, as well as working people from various fields, thus expanding your network. However, despite this diversity of people, they all share the same goal – make new friends and have fun. 

Activities organized by universities

Another great way of making new friends is via trips and events, which are organized by the student body or university. They are usually organized for several days and include various introductory and team building activities, so that students have the chance to get to know each other. The most commonly organized events are adaptation and orientation courses, hiking trips, winter skiing, summer camping, or even sightseeing trips. All these events are always promoted by schools and the demand usually exceeds the offer, so if you are certain you wish to be a part of it, you should register as soon as possible. Another disadvantage is the fact that these events are not high in numbers, so it’s not a completely reliable way to make new friends.

Student clubs

Student clubs are a group of students numbering from single digits to hundreds and sometimes even more, who make events for their members and occasionally for the public. Students in clubs share the same interests, therefore, it’s a great place to make friends. You can find all kinds of clubs, ranging from sport clubs, IT and programmer clubs, accounting clubs, art clubs, traveling clubs, to more unusual clubs, such as, tea or going-home clubs. If you wish to join a club, you will generally have to fill in an application form and then they will accept you. You can also join some larger clubs from a different university you are studying, however, they may require you to fill in additional information.

My point of view as a student

From what I have experienced thus far, I think that the university itself can also present you an opportunity to make new friends, but you have to be the one to grab it and take the initiative. For example, when you enter the lecture for the first time and you don’t know anyone (even if you do), it’s a good chance to sit next to someone and start a conversation. If you feel like you won’t disturb them, you can also do that in a school library or you can simply start a conversation with someone in the school halls under a pretense of looking for a way. P.E. classes are also an awesome place to call out to someone. Of course, you will probably fail more times than succeed, but even if you can make a single long lasting friendship out of it, it’s worth trying again and again.

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Globalduck community
Are you entering freshman year and looking for friends, or are you already a student, but you want to experience something else and meet new faces? We regularly organize various events for everyone.

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